ISDG Ishokudogen Beauty Premium Enzyme 232 Vegetable Fruits 120 Tablets


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[Total 6 million units in the enzyme series] We

want to obtain both "ideal proportions" and "unchanged beauty." Enzymes and swallow nests are arranged from the inside to support the desire of greedy girls.



232 enzymes are fermented and condensed 232 kinds of vegetables and fruits. A supplement that combines pearls and a swallow's nest for beauty and youthfulness.


[Main ingredients]

Complex plant fermentation powder (burdock (root), udo (softened stalk), salmon = Sansho), swallow's nest extract, pearl powder 
* Unapproved drugs are not used.

[Contents per 2 to 4 tablets]

Collagen peptide: 80 to 160 mg, freshwater pearl powder: 20 to 40 mg, hyaluronic acid: 20 to 40 mg, swallow's nest extract powder: 10 to 20 mg


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