ISDG Ishokudogen Refreshing Enzyme 232 Vegtables Fruits 120 Tablets


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We have developed our own plant enzymes using 232 kinds of raw materials.
Coleus Forskoli is used to support the reliable bifidobacteria made by Combi and those who burn on diet.
We support daily refreshment with diet supplements that face the problems of modern women.

What is an enzyme?

What is an enzyme : An enzyme is a substance required for all life activities. There are about 6000 kinds of enzymes in the body. Enzymes are involved in all processes from the stage of digestion of substances to absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion.

A lack of enzymes can cause health problems. Some people eat less because of the difference in the concentration and activity of metabolic enzymes that produce the energy needed to survive. not.

Enzymes cannot be synthesized by the body, but can only be obtained from food. It is said that the number of enzymes gradually decreases with age.


ISDG refreshing enzyme

[Effectiveness] Cleanse the intestine and discharge toxins.
[Contents] 120 capsules
[Main ingredients] Fermented complex plant powder, Coleus forskoli extract powder, Bifidobacterium (BR-108)
[How to eat] Take 2 to 4 capsules daily with water or lukewarm water.



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