Kate The Lash Former Long Type Waterproof Mascara Black


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Curve shape of lashes Curve memory Longformer Gathering function born from hair research
Inside and outside of the lashes that fix and hold the curve Fix the curve with double “Curve memory prescription” Work inside and outside of the lashes to maintain beautiful curve shape

[Inside fixation] Penetration system curve fixer component (malic acid / naphthalene sulfonic acid Na)
Holds the curve with the component that penetrates into the eyelashes
[Outside fixation] Curve coating component (microcrystalline wax)
Light wax fixes the eyelashes to a supple curve
Separate long finish

long extension fiber * 3mm, 2mm, 2 types of fiber are integrated with eyelashes, giving long eyelashes one by one. ※ nylon-6, nylon-66, silica, titanium oxide
catch throughout the eyelashes
adopted hear curve up brush maneuverability. A beautiful curved finish without catching eyelashes in every corner.

Although it does not bleed, it is easy off
film type with hot water, so it is hard to bleed with sebum and sweat, but it is easy to turn off with hot water.
Eyelash repair ingredients: olive oil


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