Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Netsusama Sheet Cooling Gel Sheets for Children Pink16 Sheets


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"Pink Heat Sheet for Children (Cooling Sheet) 12 + 4 Sheets" is a children's cooling sheet that can be used immediately for sudden heat generation of children. It is hard to come off even if you roll over, and it adheres perfectly to your forehead. A mildly acidic sheet that is gentle on your skin.

How to use
Peel off the transparent film and stick it to the area you want to cool.
* After opening, bend the cut twice along the dotted line, and keep the unused part out of the open air, and store it in this box.

・ If you are sweating, wipe it well before using. Also, if you repeat re-pasting, sticking becomes worse, so please avoid as much as possible.
・ The cooling effect lasts about 8 hours. (The cooling time may be shorter depending on the heat generation temperature. If you no longer feel the effect, replace it.)
-Use this product only once per hygiene and function.
-If you keep it in a refrigerator and cool it before use, you can get a better cooling effect. (Do not put in the freezer. The product function may be inferior.)


Cool with a cool sensation and it is hard to peel off

An important factor for cooling by taking heat is the amount of water.
"Hot hot sheet" is a pull-pull gel that contains as much as 80% moisture, so it takes heat and keeps it cool.
Because it's jerky, it doesn't come off and stick to the skin.


Thick pull-pull gel with plenty of moisture

Also important is the comfortable feeling when pasted on Odeco.
In order to eliminate the burden and uncomfortable feeling of sticking, the thickness is "safe to cool" while giving consideration to weight and texture.


Weak acid sheet with little irritation

There are few stimulating components because it is important to cool with plenty of water.
Moreover, it is gentle on the skin with a weak acid sheet.



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