MediQtto Compression Fitness Up Muscle Pressurizing Effect Leggings L Size


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Medicut, a leading brand of socks, tights, leggings, spats and stockings.
Dr. Shawl's

stepping pressure with British medical stockings at the roots of Medicut Fitness Up Functional leggings for muscle pressure.
Feeling like underwater walking with resistance taping.

Because it is a skinny legging with a step pressure design based on medicine, you can have beautiful legs and exercise effect all day even when you are out.
Leg line is slim and beautifully arranged.

Just wear it with resistance taping specification, and calories up by walking.
Stimulate your abs each time you move, and your hips up. For sports, yoga, pilates, exercise and diet.

Easy walking for easy fitness.
Training and dieting effects by increasing muscle activity without going to the gym.

Product Introduction

A pressurizing effect similar to underwater walking, not just in everyday life.
Recommended for those who do not have time to exercise, want to workout, or aim for a sharp body.
The secret is resistance taping technology-it gives good resistance to the movement of muscles, like walking in water.
The effect is that the muscle activity of the thighs is doubled just in daily life! comparison at the time of tights worn. is to appear the way of function there are individual differences.)



1. Do not use if you have severe impaired blood circulation.
2. The next person, please consult your doctor before wearing.
Diabetes. Deep vein thrombosis, impaired blood circulation. Those who have been treated for congestive heart failure, inflammatory diseases, neuropathy of the mounting site, etc.
3. Please note the following when wearing.
(1) Please do not wear one that is not the right size or two.
(2) Avoid wrinkles and sagging during use.
(3) Stretch the fabric under the knee and behind the knee so that it does not curl.
(4) Please do not wear at bedtime.
4. If you feel sick, or experience any discomfort such as pain or numbness, itching, or rash, immediately discontinue use.
5. There are no restrictions when wearing (except when sleeping)
6. To prevent deformation of the product, do not use or store in a twisted state.
7. Do not use for pregnant women.



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