MediQtto Compression Pelvic 3D Support Leggings M Size


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[All day beautiful legs & pelvis care Medicut pelvic support leggings]
Pelvis 3D support taping technology
● Point 1
Front cross taping, while tightening around the pelvis, also supports the stomach and supports.

Tip around the hips is supported by taping below the hips.
● Stage pressure design
Comfortable with comfortable pressure. Tighten the entire leg tightly.
● Tension pressure
thigh 10hPa calf 13hPa ankle 16hPa
* hPa (hectopascal) is an international unit that expresses pressure.

to use≫ ● Remove rings before wearing, and smooth your nails and toes.
● Do not raise your nails or raise them at once.
● Because there is support, please pull up slowly with care.
* Because of the support of the legs, hips and waist, there may be some cramps when attaching and detaching.
1 Hold the product with both hands and put your feet.
2 Fix the position of the ankle and slowly pull it up left and right alternately while pulling it to the knee.
3 Alternately pull up from the knees to the thighs, pulling it sufficiently to the crotch.
4 Align the hip lines and slowly pull up to the waist to wear. The tag is on the back.



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