MediQtto Pelvic Support Hip Up Girdle Black L Size


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  • [Product description] ● “Medicut's first body care product-Functional girdle Power taping around the pelvis!  Designed to support around the pelvis tightly Support the pelvis around with a separate pelvis support power taping.  A structure that supports tightly from around the back sacrum to around the front pelvis.  Ass Gui! And pulling up structure The structure of the ass meat is lifted up by lift taping. -The thighs you care about are neat, and the slack ass meat is raised up to a tight body line.  It is just right! A feeling of fitting and a hold The tummy circumference uses a soft mesh material and realizes an excellent fit and a hold.  Smooth, luxurious silky touch with Japanese-made fabric with good touch. -Since it is a thin fabric that can be worn without choosing a scene or clothes, it does not affect tight clothes and is worn without choosing a scene.  It can be worn when going out during the day.  [How to use] <How to wear> Let's do beautiful body care with the right way to wear.  1. With the tag attached to the back, fold the girdle in half and put both feet.



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