Meiji Amino Collagen 214g


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"Amino Collagen Refill 214g" is a dietary supplement that can consume 5000mg of low-molecular fish collagen, 60mg of glucosamine, 450mg of amino acids (arginine) and 50mg of vitamin C in one day (about 7g). As it is a powder type, please dissolve in juice or milk and enjoy. The smell peculiar to fish was suppressed, and it was hard to be fooled. Please use it for daily beauty and health maintenance. For refilling.

How to eat
● Mix with your favorite drink such as milk or coffee.
● You can enjoy deliciously even if you sprinkle it on yogurt.
* There is individual difference in collagen intake. If you think that one packet (7g) is large, please adjust the amount.
* Please drink immediately after dissolving.




Fish collagen peptide, maltodextrin, vegetable oil, VC, glucosamine, arginine, thickener (gum arabic), flavor, emulsifier, (some of raw materials include soybean, orange, gelatin)


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