Mentholatum Acnes Powder Lotion 120ml


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"Mentholatum Acnes medicated powder lotion 120ml" is a medicated lotion that tightens pores and leads to greasy skin that is easy to get acne and greasy. Contains sebum absorbing powder. 


For dry skin that maintains a dry feeling, tightens pores and prevents acne. Contains a moisturizing vitamin C derivative. Prepares skin and gives moisture. Hypoallergenic, unscented, uncolored. Quasi-drugs.


Active ingredient: isopropyl methylphenol, epsilon - aminocaproic acid
Other Ingredients: Vitamin C phosphate Mg, absolute ethanol, aloe extract -2, menthol, edetate, lactate, oxide Zn, succinic acid, 2Na succinic acid, BG


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