Metabolic Yeast x Enzyme Diet 132 Tablets


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It is a supplement that mainly maintains enzymes and yeasts, balances nutrition from the inside, and supports refreshing and healthy daily beauty.
Active enzyme (fermented grain extract) is combined with plant fermented extract made from more than 200 kinds of plants such as wild grass.
Yeast peptide that was studied at Korea University in Korea, candle bush to support the communication and dietary fiber derived from fermented sugar cane.
Newly formulated 13 kinds of vitamin mineral-containing yeast to support enzymes.
Easy-to-drink, easy-to-drink granule type supplement for people who want to maintain their diet, beauty, and health.




Fermented plant extract powder (indigestible dextrin, dextrin, brown sugar, beet sugar, maltose, wormwood, turmeric, dokudami, tomato, apple, banana, yam, soybean, peach, kiwi, other), yeast peptide, candle bush powder, Reduced maltose, fermented sugarcane fiber, grain fermented extract powder (including wheat), mineral-containing yeast (dextrin, manganese yeast, zinc yeast, copper yeast, molybdenum yeast, iodine yeast, selenium yeast, chromium yeast), vitamin B ビ タ ミ ン -containing yeast, Vitamin B containing yeast, vitamin B containing yeast, vitamin B₁₂ containing yeast, niacin containing yeast, pantothenic acid containing yeast / crystalline cellulose, zinc gluconate, calcium stearate, fine silicon oxide, copper gluconate, guar gum


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