Muse No Touch Foaming Hand Soap Grapefruit Scent Refill 250ml


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Since its release in 1953, a soap and hand soap brand that has aimed to protect families from a wide variety of fungi.

Medicated Soap Muse No Touch Foam Hand Soap A hand soap
that disinfects, disinfects and disinfects a wide range of germs and viruses with the scent of grapefruit . Keep your hands clean for everyday use in toilets and washrooms.

Uses an automatic soap
tispenser. No foaming comes out with no touch. Also during the season of influenza and colds and the season of norovirus and food poisoning. Clean wash with rich lather. For daily gargle hand washing and hand disinfection habits.

A gentle wash with the moisturizing ingredient hyaluronic acid
. Signs that wash your hands when the orange soap color turns white. Keep your skin clean and clean. It is advantageous to buy the body + refill.

Contains a germicidal ingredient that keeps bacteria from hand washing in children.
Plant-based washing ingredient, hypoallergenic, allergy tested. Quasi-drugs.

Product introduction

hand refill cartridge of hand soap that only foam comes out in holding the "medicated soap Muse no-touch"

bubble type liquid soap

250 times in one time 1ml use




Salicylic acid, concentrated glycerin, hyaluronic acid, flavor, purified water, ethanol, grapefruit extract


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