Orbis Face Wash


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End aging care * 1 just to give. * 2 Start. Cell Fitness * 3

"Cell fitness", which is comfortable and healthy, like yoga or Pilates. The idea is to be beautiful with the core of the skin, just like the core.

ORBIS has been looking at the power to become beautiful on its own on the skin since the brand was born.

Adult skin does not solve the problem simply by responding to worries on the spot. Making full use of the skin's natural power, it leads to independent beauty.

That's cell fitness.

* 1 Care according to age * 2 Orbis's concept of completing basic aging care in 3 steps (facial cleanser, lotion, moisturizer) instead of relying on excessive care * 3 Keep in good condition



For bright, refreshing and fresh skin

The cause of skin problems in their 30s was skin dehydration * 4 due to stagnation. In order to fill the skin cells * 5 with water, we arrived at the Keyporin Booster * 7, a key that creates a path for water and eliminates stagnation. Making full use of the skin's natural power, it leads to independent beauty.

* 4 Reduce the moisture of horny cells * 5 Up to horny layer * 6 Enhance penetration (up to horny layer) * 7 Moisturizing ingredient that gives skin moisture and firmness


[All ingredients display] Water, glycerin, myristic acid, palmitic acid, lauric acid, hydroxylated K, stearic acid, maltitol, decylglucoside, Moroccan lava clay, cornflower flower extract, peach leaf extract, eelgrass extract, polyquaternium-7, Polyquaternium-39, BG, DPG, cellulose gum


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