Pelican Soap Medicated Soap For Back 135g


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The back was a place where acne was easily formed.
Dressed in the back, fashionable in the pool and summer.
People can see it more than I think, but my back tends to neglect skin care.

In fact, the back is said to be a part of the face that secretes a lot of sebum, such as the face,
and because it wears clothes, the humidity and temperature will be high. In
addition, dirt blocks the pores, and it is easy for acne bacteria to propagate. The environment was easy for acne. .

In fact, "Medicated Soap ForBack" was developed for trouble "back acne" which many women have in common.
Wash and sterilize in 3 steps.
Aim for daily care, look behind Venus. .

・ We focused on three points to prevent acne.

1: W pores clogging off with auxiliary ingredients for cleaning, medicated charcoal, mud (kaolin) & papain.
2: Sterilize and disinfect skin with W active ingredient, isopropyl methylphenol & dipotassium glycyrrhizinate.
3: Moisture wash with W moisturizing ingredients, bentonite & glycerin.

[1 :: Beware of food. . ]
Shampoo the rest, since the bait of P. acnes,
begins to wash with Yuiage the firm hair.

[2: Enjoy whisking. ]
Whisk the foam firmly while washing the whole body.
By washing with mokomoko foam, it has the advantage of increasing adsorption power and not damaging the skin. Once the mokomoko foam is made, gently stroke it and place it on the area of ​​concern, then leave it as it is for 30 seconds. .

[3: Medicinal foam pack. . ]

[4: Moisture OFF. . Clean underwear ON. . ]
After rinsing, gently wipe off moisture and moisture with a clean towel. Make sure your underwear and pillowcase are also clean


Ingredients / [Active ingredient] isopropylmethylphenol, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate
[Other ingredients] Soap base, edetate tetrasodium tetrahydrate, hydroxyethanediphosphone vinegar, concentrated glycerin, medicinal charcoal, kaolin, bentonite, papain, fragrance


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