Perorin Foot Peeling Pack Rose 2 Uses


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Foot peeling pack Perorin ~ FOOT PEELING PACK PERORIN ~
wear only simple horny care
after a few days ... an instant horny is peeling Tsurusube foot
remove easy unnecessary horny friendly ingredients to your skin

◎◎ sales 4.5 million pairs breakthrough * ◎◎
Cute and reasonable.
"Foot Peeling Pack Peroline"
, where you can enjoy 5 types of scents .
The old horny skin comes off surprisingly.
The stubborn horny feet, peel off naturally, punipuni bare feet.
The keratin begins to peel off about 5 to 7 days after use.
In about two weeks, the old dead skin on the soles will be removed, and slippery bare feet will appear.
Cospa is also included.

○ Easy care to wear Just care
for one hour in socks containing horny soft liquid.
It can be used easily without the hassle of shaving keratin.

It is
a mechanism that does not forcibly peel off with a painless use feeling component, but gently peels off naturally due to the natural turnover of the skin and the friction that occurs in everyday life, minimizing the burden on the skin.
* Please do not forcibly peel off the horny skin that has begun to peel off.
* There are individual differences in how keratin peels off.

○ Uses lactic acid that is kind to the skin.
Instead of the powerful drugs glycolic acid and salicylic acid that are often used in similar products.
Lactic acid, which is kind to the skin, peels old keratin by the friction of everyday life.
The time that the feet are soaked in the liquid at the time of use is as long as one hour to one and a half
hours. I have set it.

○ Moisturizing moisturizing ingredients
will lead to dry and moist skin after care.

○ Lactic acid peels old keratin
hyaluronic acid

○ Japan production While
the price of cheap products from overseas production is increasing, peroline is filled and inspected by hand at partner factories in Japan one by one.
Although mass production is difficult, we deliver high-quality, reliable products to our customers in factories with good sanitary conditions.

<The old horny skin is gritty. The legs of the rattle are rough. > In
summer, it gets wet with the heat. In winter, she wears boots.
Those stuffy feet that keep you moist all year round are something to worry about.
There is a gap between the old keratin of the foot and the new keratin, and sweat and dirt accumulate there and cause odor.
Aim for clean feet by regularly taking care of the dead skin with the foot peeling pack Perorin.
In summer, there are more opportunities to wear sandals and show bare feet.
As the word "see your feet" implies, others see your feet unconsciously.
Let's aim at the horny skin of Katchikochi and Gassagasa to beautiful legs with peroline.



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