Quality First All-in-one Premium Ex Face Mask 32 Sheets


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One of the best-selling brands for face masks in Japan. An all-in-one sheet mask that can be used as a skin lotion, emulsion and beauty serum at the same time. The Quality First All-in-one Premium Ex Face Mask contains 63 types of carefully selected ingredients focused on moisturizing and aging care. Featuring a thick and firm sheet mask, 114% increased thickness, the highest in the industry. The luxurious moisture essence penetrates all over the skin including the stratum corneum.

  • All-in-one
  • For moisturizing and aging care
  • 65 beauty ingredients
  • 114% Increased thickness 80g/m^2
  • Concentrated yeast, Raw collagen, Ectoine, etc.
  • No preservatives and no additives