Quality First All-in-one The Best Face Mask 30 Sheets


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An all-in-one sheet mask that incorporates 63 types of beauty ingredients and employs a thick stretch sheet with a multilayer structure to achieve full-scale aging care.
Preservative-free, the first large-capacity mask.

1. Hari elasticity increased by about 40%.
Carefully selected products such as "Concentrated Yeast" and "Fresh Collagen", which improve the skin cycle and lead to moist and firm skin, and "Base Up Moist", which aims to provide moist and vibrant skin from the base by continuing to use. Contains 63 different beauty ingredients. In addition, the amount of serum increased by 100g. (In case of 30 sheets)

2. Multi-layer luxury stretch sheet Multi-layer stretch sheet
actually used by high-end cosmetic brand is first used in large-capacity masks. A large amount of serum is held in the gaps between the layers, and released at a stretch when placed on the skin. In addition, since it is stretchable, it can be lifted up by sticking it as if it were pulled. Although it is thick, the texture that fits well is also excellent.

3. Careful preservative-free sheet masks require careful attention to irritation because they physically seal the skin with a sheet. Quality First has realized preservative-free, the first large-capacity mask.


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