Quality First All-in-one White Face Mask 30 Sheets


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White version of all-in-one sheet mask moist.
Contains 50% placenta extract EX for thick, soft, domestically produced pure cotton for a skin full of moisture and clarity.
The first preservative-free is realized with a large-capacity mask.

(1) 600g of carefully selected beauty ingredients for moist and transparent skin, including 50% placenta extract EX!
Main ingredients: 3 types of brightening ingredients (nano white, placenta extract, vitamin C derivative) Brings a sense of transparency. *

A thick domestic pure cotton sheet treated with a serum-based 2-mesh processing! A thick domestic pure cotton sheet with a thickness
of 60 g / m2, which is unusual for a general large-capacity mask, to concentrate dry skin that tends to be dull. Adoption. (Ehime Prefecture production plant) By applying mesh processing to fluffy sheets woven with the power of water, adhesion to the skin is also improved. This is a high-grade sheet that cannot be achieved with a general large-capacity mask.

3Challenge for ultra-low irritation! Finally, preservative-free! Because
sheet masks have a higher degree of penetration into the skin than simple application, reducing the amount of anti-irritant preservatives was a major issue. In Quality First, we have been conducting research with the aim of stabilizing products using only the antibacterial effect of beauty ingredients. Finally, we have realized preservative-free, the first large-capacity mask.


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