Quality First Deep Moist Eye Mask 60 Sheets


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A sheet mask exclusively for the eyes that provides intensive care for the concerned eyes. Gives moisture and firmness to the eyes with a transparent pin. We realize preservative-free which is nice for delicate eyes.

1. Focus on the three major worries of the eyes to the intensive care cospa. Thorough research on eye problems such as drying, spots, dullness, and sagging. Plenty of beauty ingredients for each. Concentrated packs deliver ingredients more efficiently and approach deep-rooted eye problems.

2. Department store brand level. Uses high-quality pure pure cotton sheet Uses the same high-quality pure pure cotton sheet (made by Unitika: 80g / m2) that is the same as the mask actually sold in department stores. A concentrated pack of plenty of beauty ingredients that fits perfectly around your eyes. Of course, it can be used in places where you are concerned, such as lines of law other than the eyes.

3. Challenge to ultra-low irritation, finally realizing preservative-free. Mask used for sensitive eyes. Depending on the type and amount of preservatives, a special tingling sensation may appear. Although Quality First has been trying to reduce the irritation with non-parabens, it has evolved further and succeeded in commercializing a large-capacity mask that completely uses no preservatives.


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