Sakeru Grape Gummy 3 Pack


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[Using Kyoho fruit juice from Yamanashi Prefecture] Using the specialty materials, the feeling of Kyoho UP! Every time you chew, you get a fruity taste full of fruit juice. Fill the belly of modern ninjas Fill your belly with an outstanding gummy chew. The difference in texture between the crisp sugar coating layer and the hard gummy is addictive.


  Kyoho taste: sugar, fructose-glucose liquid sugar, glucose, gelatin, polydextrose, rice flour, starch syrup, concentrated juice (Kyoho, dates), fermented grape skin powder, konjac powder, starch, grape juice powder / acidulant, gelling agent (Gum arabic), brightener, vitamin C, fragrance, coloring (purple carrot, anthocyanin, gardenia), sweetener (aspartame / L-phenylalanine compound), emulsifier, (partially contains gelatin)



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