Shinyakoso Yoru Osoi Gohan Demo Late Night Diet Large 30 Packets


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  • It is a supplement for those who tend to have irregular meal rhythms.
    ● Contains 5 kinds of turmeric and 2 kinds of ginger. We support the health of those who enjoy banquets.
    ● Patience, strict diet control, no need for intense exercise, and a lively enzyme disturbed body environment.
    ● If you take active enzymes with supplements, you can compensate for the lack of enzymes in foods.
    ● This product is gluten-free. Gluten content is less than 5ppm (5 / million), supporting health maintenance.

    [How to eat] As a
    dietary supplement, take 1 to 3 sachets (6 to 18 tablets) daily with water or lukewarm water.


[Raw materials]
Aspergillus culture extract-Ri (maltodextrin, fermented grain extract), rice koji powder, isomaltooligosaccharide, processed papaya (maltodextrin, papaya extract), gymnema sylvesta extract, dextrin, indigestible dextrin, turmeric extract Powder, ginger extract (ginger extract, dextrin), yeast (containing zinc), calyx powder, peppermint powder, sporulated lactic acid bacteria (sporulated lactic acid bacteria, maltodextrin), ginger powder at the end of the season, turmeric powder at autumn, yeast peptide, virgin Coconut oil powder, spring turmeric powder, purple turmeric powder, black turmeric powder, reduced turmeric extract, black pepper extract / citric acid, crystalline cellulose, calcium stearate, cyclic oligosaccharides, silicon dioxide, folic acid

[nutritional information]
Energy per grain (1.44 g) : 5.630 kcal, protein: 0.086 g, fat: 0.043 g, carbohydrate Compound: 1.223 g, salt equivalent: 0.00086 g, enzyme raw material blending amount: 560 mg



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