Sugousu 1000 ultra Thin 36 Pieces


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"Sugo Light 1000 12 x 3 Boxes (Condom)" is a thin condom made of latex with excellent fit. Double jelly processing with a light and smooth lubricant and a generously thick jelly agent allows for smooth installation. The condom tip is made with jelly, so that when you take it out of the bag, you can easily see the front and back and prevent it from being turned over. Green color, natural straight type.

to Save Keep in a cool, dark place with the packaging. Also, do not store with volatile substances such as insect repellents.

・ Be sure to read the package insert before using this product.
Proper use of condoms can help contraception and reduce the risk of getting many other sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS, but does not guarantee 100% effectiveness.
・ Use of condoms is limited to once per piece. Use a new condom each time.


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