Svelty Pakkun Dietary Yeast 120 Tablets


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New concept time capsule manufacturing method. Yeasts awaken with food and temperature
● For those who are worried about style.
● For those who are worried about their lifestyle.
● For those who like to eat.
`` Puck-cleaving yeast '' packs six kinds of herbs that have been loved for many years, such as `` Yeast fungus '' who loves carbohydrates and `` Chitosan '' which has a history of more than 10 years in the diet superpower United States, into one grain. Was.
Support your diet.


[Raw material name] Dried yeast, chitosan (including shrimp), white bean extract powder, indigestible dextrin, lactose, Garcinia cambodia extract powder, candle bush powder, Gymnemasyl Vesta extract powder, Saracia reticulata extract powder, matcha, oligosaccharide, Oolong tea extract powder, dextrin, bifidobacteria, maltodextrin / crystalline cellulose, gelatin, calcium stearate, silicon dioxide, succinic acid, calcium carbonate [per two nutritional component labels (0.626g)] Energy 1.9kcal, protein 0.25g, lipid 0.037 g, carbohydrate 0.27 g (carbohydrate 0.02 g, dietary fiber 0.25 g), salt equivalent 0.001 g


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