Taiyou no Aloe Hyluronic Acid Toner 80ml and 2 Bottles of 10ml


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Taiyo Aloe's hyaluronic acid is a hyaluronic acid born from biotechnology using fermentation of microorganisms.

[What is hyaluronic acid stock solution?]
Hyaluronic acid is a tasteless and odorless white powder that is originally purified to a high degree of purity.
It is not an exaggeration to say "hyaluronic acid 1% aqueous solution" = "hyaluronic acid 100% stock solution".

[Characteristics of
hyaluronic acid ] Hyaluronic acid has excellent moisturizing properties, and it is said that it can hold 6 liters of water per gram. If the moisture content of the skin is high, the skin will become firm. The baby's skin is fresh because it contains a lot of hyaluronic acid.
When applied to the skin, it has a moist and smooth feeling and prevents wrinkles due to rough skin and dryness.

◆ Just add to commercially available lotion.
Add a concentration of about 5% to 10% to a commercially available lotion. It is considered that the ratio contained in commercially available lotion containing hyaluronic acid is considerably low, so it will be a lotion with high hyaluronic acid concentration.
◆ Mix with facial cleansing foam.
Mix a few drops of hyaluronic acid into the cleansing foam and whisk with a whisk net. Gently wash your face as you can make a firm foam. You can feel that the pores are completely removed.
◆ Mix with shampoo. If you mix a few drops with shampoo and wash your hair, you can gently wash as if wrapped in mokomoko foam. The finish will be more moist and shiny.
◆ Mix a few drops with body cream.
Mix a few drops with the body cream and apply it to areas where dryness is a concern. You can feel moisturized skin. Apply on heels and other places where dryness is a concern, before applying for rest, and wear socks for rest.


Water (98.5%), Na hyaluronate (1.0%), phenoxyethanol (0.4%), methyl paraben (0.1%)


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