Tokyo Love Soap Premium Pure Girls 80g


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Tokyo Love Series's popular deli care ingredient [Royal Jaum] gently rinses out negative worries (smell / dullness).
In addition to the standard components of moisturizing, collagen hyaluronic acid Na and ceramide 2, hydrolyzed elastin, hydrolyzed swallow nest extract and hybrid rose flower extract, which are effective for aging care, are luxuriously blended to give the skin plenty of moisture and firmness. .
Eight kinds of whitening ingredients such as primrose primrose seed extract and sericin, which has antioxidant power, prevent stains and freckles and aim for a transparent skin.
Based on the Bulgarian Rose, it has a sweet and sexy ylang-ylang scent. "Love Soap for Love" that supports the pure feelings of girls who have a scent that foresees love with beautiful skin and moisturizing beauty ingredients.
● If you have any abnormality on your skin or if it does not fit your skin, discontinue use.  This product contains a lot of natural ingredients, so you may see a change in the color of the soap during use, but you can use it.  As it is soap containing a lot of moisturizing ingredients, drain well when storing, and avoid high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.


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