Tsujiri Matcha Milk Mild Flavor 200g


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For those who want to be relieved with matcha and mellow milk. It is a relish that taste is rich in flavored powdered green tea and mellow milk.
Two types of matcha are luxuriously blended to bring out the original taste of matcha that Tsujiri is particular about.

It features a soft taste that is in harmony with the body of milk.
It can be easily dissolved in water and easily enjoyed on ice.
In the first year of the company's founding, Tsuji Tori, a long-established store in Uji, Kyoto, inherited the passion and aspirations of the founder, Toshiemon Tsuji, who is renowned as the founder of the Uji tea revival, with a variety of reliable techniques and quality. We will release the charm of tea.

● Hot: Put 1 cup (1 bottle) in a cup, pour 140mL of hot water, and stir well.  Ice: Put 1 cup (1 bottle) in a glass, stir well with 120mL of water, and float 2-3 ice cubes.


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