18 Best Japanese Eye Drops That Will Help Relax Your Eyes In 2020

18 Best Japanese Eye Drops That Will Help Relax Your Eyes In 2020

Japan is definitely known for its innovative technologies and advancements, much of those innovations has been utilised towards beauty and cosmetic goods. Not surprisingly, Japanese medical and health products also serve high ranking in the cosmetic community; such as contact lenses, eyedrops, supplements and much more.
            A product that Japan does particularly well is eyedrops, the market certainly offers a wide range of selections and varieties that will guarantee to cover all your eye problems! With such huge success in the medical-care market, you can be assured that the products are safely tested with trustworthy ingredients.
            Eyedrops can be found almost at any local drugstore in Japan, it is definitely eye-catching with the whole section dedicated to almost 100 brands of eyedrops. With such high selections, we will help you determine the right product to care for your precious eyes! Our team has developed the best Japanese eyedrops of 2020.



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1. Rohto Z Pro C


Rohto Z Pro C


You can be sure to find Rohto eyedrops at any drugstores. The Rohto Z is one of the best Japanese eyedrops for dry eyes, it features super cooling refreshing sensation, effective in refreshing tired eyes and prevent ultraviolet rays damage occur during daily activities such as the time outdoor playing sports!

Feel free to experience your daily activities without having to worry about damaging your eyes. Apply 2 to 3 drops at a time; 5 to 6 times daily. The perfect eye drops for tired and overworked eyes.


Price: $9.50 USD

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2. Rohto Gold 40


Rohto Gold 40


Another favourite from Rohto, the Rohto Gold 40 eyedrops is extremely powerful as a treatment for sore and tired eyes. It is also effective at reducing eye irritation and itchiness that can be caused by daily activities.

It features taurine, vitamin E, chlorpheniramine maleate (agent that help itchiness), vitamin B6 and potassium. Rohto is a well-known cosmetic brand in Japan, Japanese eyedrop from Rohto has produced various leading eye drops that are sold in Japanese drugstore. Recommended dosage; 2-3 drops at once, 5-6 times a day. 



Price: $8.90 USD

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3. Rohto Vita 40 Alpha



One of the best-selling eyedrops for many years, Rohto Vita 40 Alpha is a great value for its price. Contains nutrients such as vitamins and amino acid to relief eye fatigue, promote cell regeneration and tears replenishment. 

The ingredients help tackle the issue of eye dehydration and soreness as well as reducing discomfort from the daily wear of contact lenses and prescription glasses. Recommended dosage; 2-3 drops at once, 5-6 times a day. 





4. Smile 40 EX gold


Smile 40 EX gold


The Smile 40 EX Gold is a medicated eye drops that relieve eye fatigue and blurred vision due to aging or overuse of the eyes. Formulated with ingredients that support visual function recovery, the Smile 40 eye drops relieve recurring eye fatigue and contains no preservatives that can interfere your eyesight.

It is an amazing eye drops that promotes blood circulation in the eyes, contains vitamin A, vitamin E and Vitamin B6.


Price: $6.80 USD

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5. Sante Beauteye


Sante Beauteye


Sante Beauteye is designed to combat aging and keep your eyes moist to prevent blurred vision. Your eyes can easily be affected by stress occurring from excessive interaction with UV rays, exhaust gas, lack of sleep, imbalance diet and many more. It is developed to help ease tired eyes, red eyes and to keep them hydrated and healthy.

It contains important vitamins that help relieve the pressure on your eyes and relieve the tiredness, while offering extreme moisture. It features taurine that improves cells regeneration in your eyes, sodium chondroitin sulphate ester and vitamin B12.


Price: $15.40 USD

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6. Rohto Lycee b


Rohto Lycee b


Another one of the Japanese eyedrop from Rohto, the Rohto Lycee eyedrops helps in achieving crystal clear vision. This eyedrop aims to improve the removal of hyperaemia and improve your eyesight. It also helps with UV damage and redness when rubbing your eyes, it contains vitamin B12 that is an important nutrient for your eye cells.

It has important ingredients such as sodium chondroitin sulphate which protects the cornea and soothes the eyes and zinc sulphate which alleviates inflammation caused by ultraviolet rays.


Price: $7.95 USD

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7. Sante Beauteye Moon Care


Sante Beauteye Moon care


Another famous eyedrops from Sante, the Moon Care edition is an eye drop for people who is aiming to achieve crystal clear visions. Damaged repair occurred from ultraviolet rays to the use of smartphones, the eyes are expose to various forms of stress that can cause damage in the outer layer.

Sante Beauteye Moon Care contains hydrating ingredients to relieve daily eye stress and promote healthy eyes, ingredients such as Vitamin E helps improve blood flow and potassium which boost the eyes metabolism.


Price: $18.10 USD

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8. Rohto Digi-eye Vitamin B2 Maximum Concentration


Rohto Digi-eye Vitamin B2 Maximum Concentration


Another famous Japanese eyedrop from Rohto, the Digi-eye edition is an eye drop that reduces the effect of blue light emitted from computer, smartphones, television and LED bulbs. It contains vitamin B2 that helps repair the damage on eye cells. Rohto Digi-Eye eye drops provide temporary relief from dryness, redness and irritation caused by prolonged exposure to digital devices.

Its advanced formula instantly cools and refreshes eyes bothered by symptoms of digital eye strain. It is uniquely formulated with Vitamin B12 which gives it its distinctive pink colour.


Price: $10.35 USD

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9. Rohto Youjunsui a


 Rohto Youjunsui a


Rohto Youjunsui α is a Japanese eye drops that helps relieve eye fatigue symptoms, blurred vision, general discomfort and itchiness even while sleeping. After a long day at work you might suffer from blurred vision, tired, dry or itchy eyes. Youjunsui eye drops help relieve these symptoms while easing discomfort that may interfere with your daily activities. Suitable also after swimming or for cleaning eyes from dust or sweat.




10. Sante Medical 12



Sante Medical 12 contains vitamin B12 and neostigmine methyl that are effective in improving eye fatigue. It combines 12 effective active ingredients that focuses on maximising the function of your eyes while offering support and care to reduce eye fatigue.

Sante Medical 21 proves to promote tissue metabolism by moisturising the eyes. It directly treats eye fatigue that contains a precise balance of 12 active ingredients, also improves moisture in dry eyes and facilitates tissue metabolism by supplying the right nutrients to eyes. Apply 2-3 drops, 5-6 times a day.




11. Sante FX Neo


Sante FX Neo


Sante FX Neo aims to reduce eye fatigue that is caused when too much stress is placed on the eyes, it does this by facilitating tissue metabolism in tired eyes. Sante FX NEO provides effective relief from symptoms such as tired eyes and red eyes. In addition, these eye drops cause a strong refreshing and invigorating sensation to spread from the surface of the eyes.

If you want to refresh your dehydrated and fatigue eyes, this product does exactly what you need! Make sure to not overuse it as it can cause sensations of excessive brightness which could lead to red eyes.


Price: $5.60 USD

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12. V Rohto Premium


V Rohto Premium


Yet again? Another Rohto product, well as we mentioned Rohto produces various leading eye drops in Japan! The V Rohto Premium eye drop lessens the harsh effect of the exposure to smartphone and LED lights, the ingredients focus on reducing tiredness and restlessness of your eyes.

It contains 3 important components with anti-inflammatory function. It is designed to especially ease tiredness from reading excessively, dry eyes and blue light damage from overuse of digital devices. It contains 12 types of ingredients which helps bring the right nutrients to your eyes. Apply 1-2 drops, 5-6 times a day.


Price: $20.95 USD

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13. Smile 40 Premium


Smile 40 Premium


Smile 40 Premium contains 10 types of ingredient that aim to specifically combat issues such as blurred vision and painful eyes arising from aging and stressing. It also improves itchiness and reddening with ingredients such as chlorpheniramine maleate and tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride.

It also contains 3 types of vitamin; vitamin A, E and B6 which help improve blurred vision. Three types of amino acid is featured to help improve cell metabolism of tired and overworked eyes. The Smile 40 Premium is ranked No.2 best-selling eyedrop on Yahoo in 2018.




14. Aibon W Vitamin Premium


Aibon W Vitamin Premium


The Aibon W Vitamin Premium contains antiseptic components that help reduce discomfort cause bt dust, water and pollution. It also relieves soreness from extreme use of digital devices, reading and daily wear of contact lenses.

The combination of vitamins B6 and B12, taurine, dicalcium glycyrrhizinate and maleate chlorpheniramine have a powerful antihistamine, restoring, stimulating and protective properties. Recommended dosage; 2-3 drops, 5-6 times a day.




15. V Rohto Active Premium


V Rohto Active Premium


V Rohto Active premium eye is especially designed to ease tiredness from reading excessively, dry eyes and blue light damage from looking at digital gadgets too much. It also contains 12 types of ingredients which help boost the moisture and easing stress from daily activities. Apply one to two drops five to six times a day to combat the tired eyes. Do not use with contact lens on. 




16. Rohto Algard Clear Block Z


Rohto Algard Clear Block Z


Rohto Algard Clear Block Z provides a strong cooling sensation and relieves itchiness and redness associated with irritation from pollen and dust. The Japanese cooling eye drops treats revitalise tired and red eyes extremely well. It also helps reduce irritation, redness and itchy eyes. With cooling sensation, it provides a refreshing feeling to your eyes. Including vitamins which enhance tear replenishment and reduce eye fatigue. Recommended dosage; 2-3 drops, 5-6 times a day.




17. Soft Santear


Soft Santear


Soft Santear is an artificial tears eye drop with properties similar to natural tears. It relieves unpleasant symptoms such as dryness and the deficiency of natural tears. It is suitable for people who work with computer daily, excessive usage of mobile phones. In addition, this product can also be used while wearing contact lenses. It also eases the discomfort of wearing hard or soft type contact lenses and soreness of overworked eyes. Recommended dosage 2-3 drops, 5-6 times a day.




18. Sante PC


Sante PC


Super compact and small packaging, perfect for fitting in your handbags or work bags. The Santen's Sante PC Eye Drops have been designed to rehydrate the eye and reduce eye strain from blue light due to staring during a long period of time at computers and smartphones. A must-have for anyone using their computer and smartphones on daily basis, it has shown to help reduce stressed eyes and irritations that are caused from extremely exposure to UV rays, reading excessively and daily use contact lenses. Recommended dosage 2-3 drops, 5-6 times a day.




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