30 of the Most Popular Japanese Candies in 2020!

30 of the Most Popular Japanese Candies in 2020!

So, it seems that you love Japanese food and drinks, but do you know where to start when it comes to best Japanese candies?

            Japanese snacks are quite a favourite across the world, they are known for its deliciousness, unique packaging and innovative techniques. If you head into Japanese convenient stores, there are over 100 of candies to choose, including; Japanese soda candy, sour gummy, chocolate blocks, chocolate wafers and even a do it yourself candies!

            Over the years, Japanese candies has gained popularity across the world and its distinctive flavour is quite rare to find in the western market. If you are on the hunt for some Japanese delicious candies, there are the list of some of our favourite’s Japanese snacks, including; remune candies, chewy candies, hard candies, DIY series and Japanese chocolate wafers.




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1. Black Thunder


Black Thunder


Black Thunder has been loved for many years as a chocolate confection that can be eaten with a perfect crisp. Cocoa cookies coated with milk chocolate and biscuits with chocolate coating. Perfect contrasting taste with bittersweet cocoa cookies and milk chocolate . Some of the word-of-mouth said that if you keep it cool, the texture will increase and you will be able to eat more deliciously. It is perfect for those who want to firm biscuits.



2. Pocky Chocolate




Speaking of chocolate sweets that can be eaten with one hand, we cannot forget the famously loved Pocky with long and fragrant pretzel and chocolate. The crisp is pleasant that it is almost impossible to stop eating. Over the years, pocky has released various flavours including lychee, matcha and banana. However, we cannot deny that the chocolate flavoured pocky will forever be the classic.




3. Choco Ball


Choco Ball


Chocolate balls with a wide variety of flavors and fun to collect gold and silver angels. The classic peanut choco ball is a quick-roasted peanut coated with milk chocolate. If you have a large size, you will be satisfied, so if you want to eat plenty, this large size is recommended 




4. Apollo




Classic sweet! Tetra-shaped package that is easy to eat. Apollo is a standard chocolate that can be enjoyed by children and adults. The balance of strawberry chocolate and milk chocolate is exquisite, and it is a delicious taste that makes you want to eat more! It is recommended when you want something sweet or when you want to share and eat together.



5. Tirol Chocolate


Tirol Chocolate


Tirol is a line of small individually wrapped Japanese chocolate squares, they are sold individually at Japanese convenient stores for over decades. There are often very cheap, making it quite popular among children who has few coins to spend. The chocolate include various fillings; nut, cream, jelly, mochi, cookies, caramel and fruits. 




6. Caplico




A caprico mini that can be eaten with a fluffy texture. There is plenty of chocolate in the cone, so you will get enough satisfaction. You can enjoy three kinds of tastes in the assorted type, so you will not get tired of the flavours. One size smaller than the standard size, so it is recommended to eat a little bit every day or share it with a large number of people. Because it contains nutrients such as calcium and magnesium, it is perfect for your child's snack .




7. Meiji Chocolate


Meiji Chocolate


For those who loves to eat pure chocolate, Chocolate sold by Meiji is rich is flavour. It is pure chocolate with no vegetable oil. It is a simple and delicious chocolate that can be used for making sweets such as Valentine's Day or eat it as it is.



8. Ghana Chocolate


Ghana Chocolate


Enjoy the mellow sweetness, Familiar with chocolate pie and fast food lotteria, these are chocolates sold by Lotte. The logo "Ghana" is bright on the bright red package. The sweetness is also just perfect, so it is recommended for those who like milk chocolate. It is a plate chocolate that you can enjoy as it is, as well as melt it and add it to sweets.




9. Morinaga Chocolate


Morinaga Chocolate


After all classic is the best! The Morinaga's chocolate is packed with Morinaga cocoa and milk caramel. The taste is also sweet, so it can be eaten by anyone, from small children to adults. It is not only sweet but also it is a premium delicious chocolate.



10. Meiji Macadamia


Meiji Macadamia


Meiji Macadamia is a famous Japanese chocolate covered macadamia nuts, typically with 10 pieces in one box. There is just a perfect amount of sweetness followed by the crunch of the nuts. The flavour and texture work so well together that is it almost impossible to not finish the whole box on your own.




11. Takenoko No Sato


Takenoko No Sato


A chocolate covered biscuits shaped like bamboo shoots that comes in dozens of flavours. The name ‘Takenoko No Sato’ is translated as bamboo village, it can be found in Japanese convenient stores.




12. Kit Kat


Kit Kat


An absolute classic, KitKat comes in more than 400 unique flavours in Japan. Flavours include traditional Japanese dessert, Japanese fruits and even savoury options like soy sauce. This delicious wafer covered chocolate is perfect for any occasion. Try it for yourself and you will not be disappointed.





13. Meiji Kaiju Gummy


Meiji Kaiju Gummy


We have to start of the list with an absolute classic, Meiji Kaiju is one of the best Japanese gummy candy out there. Beloved by many people, it is delicious fruit flavoured gummies that almost melt in your mouth. It has a soft texture, and a juicy taste that comes in varieties of fruit flavours. A strong burst of flavour in your mouth, as the gummy is featured with 100% fruit juice.




14. Fettuccine Gummy


Fettuccine Gummy


An al dente textured gummy, it has a distinctive mochi texture that is almost impossible to stop! It is covered with sour powder, sweet and sour is a perfect combo for Japanese candy. Each time you chew, you will be satisfied with a burst of wonderful flavour and texture that is so comforting. These gummies are enjoyed amongst children and adults. The fettuccine gummy has a wide variety of flavours other than cola.



15. Poiful




Poiful is a delicious Japanese gummy with a unique texture, it has 4 amazing flavours; grape, raspberry, lemon and kiwi. You can satisfy your sweet tooth with one bag of Poiful! The gummy has a moderate elasticity without being too chewy, it is colourful and has a cute packaging.




16. Chibi Sours Gummy


Chibi Sours Gummy


Chibi sours gummy has a perfect hit of sourness with sweet soft gummy, it has a chewy texture that will satisfy your sweet craving in no time! The texture is so soft that you almost forget to chew! The flavour blends so well with each colour, making it delicious and fun at the same time.




17. Tsubu Gummy


Tsubu Gummy


All the amazing tastes at once, this delicious gummy flavoured Japanese candy is loved by many. It is characterised by a small grain shape, with sugar coating covered outside. It has 5 enjoyable flavours; lemon, apple, grape, peach and muscat all in one bag. The taste is sweet and chewy with the perfect blend of colourful mix!





18. Otoko Ume Gummy


Otoko Ume Gummy


Pucker up! These Japanese sour plum/apricot flavored hard gummies are even coated with ume powder to give you a double dose of 'Suppai.' Foil re-sealable pack ensures freshness. Rectangular shaped hard gummy candies that can be chewed or dissolved slowly in your mouth.




19. Pure Gummy


Pure Gummy


Popular Japanese sour powdered gummy, With its exquisite sweet and sour taste, it becomes "Puregumi" which has been very popular since its release. It is also a deliciour gummy that you can taste the fruit flavour. The texture is soft and chewy. The shape of the gummy is made into a flat and lovely heart shape. Puregumi is a product with many fans among gummy because of its high degree of perfection.




Do It Yourself Candy


20. Popin Cookin Crepe Ya San


Popin Cookin Crepe Ya San


Speaking of Japanese innovative cooking candies, the first product to be introduced to the market is the 'Pop Pinkin' Crepe Yasan. It is a do it yourself candy that is aimed to imitate Japanese crepes, You can also make things you need for decoration, such as cream, strawberry jelly, bananas, and chocolate sauce, so even if you make it at a small party, everyone seems to be excited. Becoming a crepe shop, pretend play is wonderful!




21. Nerunerunerune




This is a fun little activity to do with kids, as it required no heat and sharp knives. The tray can be cut out by hand and no scissors are required. No synthetic colouring or preservatives are used, so you can eat with confidence. If you eat the sweets you make with the provided ramune in the kit, it will be more colourful. Your child will definitely smile!




22. Popin Cookin Kurekure Takoyaki


Popin Cookin Kurekure Takoyaki


The "Kappie Foods" "Pop Pink Noodle Kuru Kuru Takoyaki" is recommended for those who are looking for educational confections that can be eaten as well .You can enjoy the process of heating the dough in the microwave and it looks exactly like a miniature takoyaki. In addition, the kit also comes with takoyaki sauce which goes perfectly well with the candy.





Ramune Candy/Soda Candy


23. Morinaga Ramune Bottle


 Morinaga Ramune Bottle


Ramune Candy is one of Japanese long-selling soda candy, ramune has been loved for more than 40 years by many people who feel "nostalgic!" with the taste of candies. The inside is expressed by a design imitating a bottle of ramune. The price is very reasonable and the raw material is glucose, but it's 90 percent. Recently, "Morinaga Ramune" has been attracting attention as an item that enhances concentration. It is an indispensable sweet when you want to be energised for work or study!



24. Jyu-C Juicy Irodori Ramune


Jyu-C Juicy Irodori Ramune


This "Jew C Colored Ramune" is a product that is a bit different from other Ramune confectionery products. There are four flavors, from normal cider flavor, melon soda flavor, apple soda and grape soda flavor. The grain is so small that it dissolves when you put it in your mouth, once you eat, it's a ramune confectionery that will keep you hooked.




25. Kakudai Confectionery Ramune Confectionery


Kakudai Confectionery Ramune Confectionery


It features a retro package, and individual packaging is also colorful. You can enjoy the candy little by little because there are 5 small ramune confections in one individual package. Recommended to eat during a short break at work or an event! There are several types of packaging, the taste is modest sourness and strong sweetness, so it is also recommended for those who are not good at strong acidity.




Japanese Hard Candy


26. Milky




Japanese Milk Candy is a deliciousness of natural milk candy that does not use flavouring or colouring. Added fresh cream of Hokkaido to white milky for an extra blend of flavour.




27. Konpeito




Konpeito Candy is a small hard colourful candy made almost entirely with sugar and glucose. They are typical sweet sugar candy that has a special spot in the Japanese history. The candy was first made in the 16th century and is still in the market to this day.




28. Mitsuya Cider Candy


Mitsuya Cider Candy


Mitsuya Cider Candy is a refreshing candy taste that reproduces the flavour of Mitsuya Cider. Cider in one bag, peach, in addition to the three kinds of taste of the grape.




Japanese Chewy Candy


29. Hi chew




Hi chew candy is one of the most mainstream Japanese candies available in the market. The Hi-chew is a chewing gum alternative made from a chewy fruit flavoured candy. There are over 170 different flavours available in the Japanese market, the most popular ones being: grape, strawberry, apple and Coca-Cola.



30. Puccho




Indulge in the sweet fruity taste of Japanese Puccho chewy candies! Each one is infused with gummy bits, giving it a unique texture that is so addictively delicious. Puccho chewy candies come in over 70 different flavours, enjoy these individually wrapped treats whenever you crave a dose of juiciness!




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