6 Best Japanese Washable Face Masks in 2021

6 Best Japanese Washable Face Masks in 2021

Nowadays we all seek for an eco-friendlier option even during this global pandemic, especially when it comes to face masks, not only that it is wasteful to the landfill, but it is also costly as well. Yet, we can’t deny the importance of facemask especially during this critical time, therefore, a washable facemask is a great innovation that has come in handy for those who are concerned about the environment.

Not only that is it eco-friendly, but also protects you from pollen, PM2.5 and virus droplets, just as much as a surgical mask would. It is an excellent item recommended not only for adults but also for children. Today, we have a list of the best Japanese washable face masks in 2021.



1. Pitta Mask Regular Gray


Pitta Mask Regular Gray


Easy to use three-dimensional mask with enhanced breathability. It uses polyurethane material which helps making it more breathable yet protects you from unwanted particles. Its three-dimensional mesh structure helps improve the breathability greatly and also prevents dryness as there is enough air circulation.

It is a stylish dark tone mask that matches well with any outfits, it has porous filter technology that has 99% pollen cut. Its soft elastic material helps adhere to the face and does not create a gap for pollen to enter.



2. Hyper Guard Mask


Hyper Guard Mask


The mask is designed to fit snugly into the shape of the nose, so you can use it without discomfort. It claims to have an excellent 99% or more of 3μm particle blocking rate!  This product uses a glossy paper bag made in Japan, and the mask itself is put in a bag and does not touch the open air until it is opened, making it a very hygienic and high-quality product.

It uses polyurethane that stretches about twice as much, and the straps are stretchy avoid hurting your ears. The three-dimensional shape that pursues fitting makes it easier to breathe.



3. Purei Mask Made in Japan


Purei Mask Made in Japan


It has a soft material which fit perfectly to the shape of your face and does not hurt your ears. Can be washed and used repeatedly. It cuts 99% pollen even after 3 washes and is highly breathable and easy to breathe. It is soft to the skin, which allows your skin to breath even in humidity.

This mask is recommended for those with problematic skin, as it will not trap the heat inside the mask, which help prevent formation of acne.



4. Wild Scene Sports Mask


Wild Scene Sports Mask


Wild Scene is a new release of a tough outdoor mask with a breathable and reusable design from Wild Scene, a sports brand that is top shared in Amazon's fishing gear. The fabric has a glossy feel, so you can use it anywhere in addition to sports. The mesh mask is made with mesh fabric and has excellent breathability.

The mesh fabric on the inside does not feel constricted and does not get stuffy, it is smooth to the touch and provides a gentle fit for sensitive skin. The high breathability reduces the stress of conversation when wearing the mask and provides stress-free communication. The design wraps along the face line for a snug fit eliminating unwanted particles.



5. Home Cocci Washable Face Mask


Home Cocci Washable Face Mask


This is a must-have for all seasons. It reduces discomfort of the mask when you are on the go. Made of soft fabric that is soft to the touch, so it is comfortable to wear and does not restrict you from your daily activities. Made of spandex fabric that will not get stuffy even after long periods of use.

The new mask may have a characteristic smell of the material immediately after opening. You can lightly hand wash it with a mild detergent before use to remove the odor. This mask is made in Japan so you can be sure on its excellent quality.



6. Tential Washable Face Mask


Tential Washable Face Mask


A fashionable and comfortable mask that can be used during work and sports. The stuffiness and suffocation in the mask greatly reduce due to its breathable material that prevents you from suffocation. It has stretchy ear straps which allow comfort on your ears after a long period of use. It is washable and will dry within 2-3 hours in the sun. Great quality mask that can be used all year round.

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