8 Best Japanese Condoms in 2021

8 Best Japanese Condoms in 2021

We can all agree that condom is the most common contraceptive in our time. Many of you may think that all condoms are the same, but the truth is, picking the right condom will give you an ease of knowing that you are using a reliable contraception to solve your sexual needs.

Not only that it has 99% chance of preventing pregnancy, but it can also lessen the chance of developing infectious diseases that occur during sexual activities. Choosing the right condom may be more important than you think, it can boost your confidence in performing sexual activity and creates a comfortable ease between you and your partner.

You can also overcome premature ejaculation and reduce pain by using the one that suits you in size, material, and thickness. Condoms come in various sizes, shapes and senses; we will introduce you to some of Japanese favourites to help you decide the right one.



1. Okamoto Zero One 0.01



Okamoto Zero One 0.01


Zero One is known for its extremely soft surface and the stretchy material. In a luxurious box that contains the neatly arranged condoms. Made in Japan, the quality is untouched, although priced in a higher range, it does not fail to provide comfort and reliability.

As the name suggests, they are one of the thinnest condoms sold in Japan, with only just 0.01mm range. Besides its incredible softness, you can be confident that it will bring you and your partner closer by the extreme warmth and comfort being shared without restrictions.



2. Sagami Original 001


Sagami Original 001


Sagami Original 001 is a condom that is not made from rubber.  It is a thin condom with only 0.01 mm in thickness, it is made of a polyurethane material with high biocompatibility, instead of the conventional rubber. It has excellent thermal conductivity and instantly conveys the warmth of the skin.

The smooth surface gives a natural feel during your special time. It is also recommended for people with natural rubber allergies. Individually packaged to ensure that you receive the best quality for your special time.



3. Glamourous Butterfly Hot Type 1000


Glamourous Butterfly Hot Type 1000


An eye-catching teenage girl packaging aims to target high school teens. A fashionable condom with plenty of hot moisturizing jelly at the tip. Not only for its eye-catching box but the individual wrapping is stylish with black and pink butterflies designed.

This product is based on the voice of a high school girl and is a product that girls who are buying condoms for the first time should definitely pick it up. This product is not required to be deflated at the tip like typical condoms, avoiding awkward glaze for your first time.



 4. Zone Condom


Zone Condom


Zone condom creates a raw and intimate sensation. For those who want to feel a sense of unity. It is a condom with a little rubber feeling that uses plenty of stealth jelly developed by JEX. It is claimed that the satisfaction level from using this condom is 99%, which is a surprising number. 

By attaching stealth jelly to the tip, the feeling of wearing rubber is reduced to zero. The unique jelly technology that eliminates discomfort when using a condom. Made of latex with a great fit.



5. Sagami Original 002 


Sagami Original 002


Sagami Original 002 does not contain strong odour of rubber, in fact, you can’t even notice the smell. If you want to be particular about thinness, but the 0.01mm series is over your budget, this is a condom that you should definitely try. Increase your satisfaction level within your budget.

This condom is ultra-thin, which allow you to feel as if you are wearing nothing at all. It is made of non-latex material and are excellent alternative for those who are allergic to latex.



6. Okamoto Zero Two 0.02


Okamoto Zero Two 0.02


Okamoto Zero Two lives up to its name with only 0.02mm thickness, delivering direct warmth from your partner. It thoroughly deliver softness, elasticity, and safety. Made of polyurethane, it is also considered for people with rubber allergies. You can directly feel the warmth and sensation of human skin and it is unlikely to be an obstacle to your actions.



7. Okamoto Super Goku-Atsu


Okamoto Super Goku-Atsu


Try this for a different sensation and enjoyment. It has plenty of lubricating jelly to ensure that your experience is pain free. Recommended for people who enjoys a long and romantic experience. The rubber is made with softness in mind, and the amount of lubricating jelly is increased by 20%. If you don't think a normal condom will last long, please give it a try.



8. Sagami 009 Dot


Sagami 009 Dot


Sagami's latex condoms are made from the finest natural rubber latex from Malaysia. Sagami began operation in 1934 as the first condom manufacturer in Japan. Since then, Sagami has manufactured very high-quality condoms for 70 years, supported by high level manufacturing technology and strict quality control.

Sagami's finest condoms have been distributed to over 80 countries as well as Japanese market and acquired a very good reputation. You can trust Sagami to alleviate your special night, the 009 dot is the thick type condom with dotted surface that will give good feeling between you and your partner. This is an ideal condom for those who want to do a long play and satisfy your partner.

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