13 Best Japanese Hair Styling Products for Men for All Types of Hair Wax and Pomade

13 Best Japanese Hair Styling Products for Men for All Types of Hair Wax and Pomade

Let’s talk about hair, we all know that your hair can really make or break an outfit. Any outfit is almost incomplete without styling your hair, more importantly, a messy hair will not look great if you are going for a formal job interview.

Therefore, you should be more aware of how you style your hair, as it is a good representative of your hygiene and overall appearance. But! you may ask; how do I choose the right styling product for my hair?


Well, we are here to help, we know that there is various hair texture, people with different hair length, texture or colour may use different styling products to achieve their desire results. Therefore, when talking about hair styling products, we cannot overlook Japanese hair styling products.

As we know, Japan has been a hug player in the fashion industry, setting several trends that are now a staple in western countries. Therefore, in this blog we will be introducing you to some of the best Japanese Hair styling products for men, also grouping them in different categories for your convenience.



All-purpose men’s hair wax

1. Arimino Peace Freeze Keep Wax


Arimino Peace Freeze Keep Wax


When taking about Japanese hair wax, you definitely would have heard of the Arimino Peach Freeze Keep Wax, it is a widely popular men’s hair wax that is a favourite to many. It’s a premium quality product at a reasonable price that is often used in a professional hair salon, it is also a favourite to many hairdressers.

The secret that lies behind its popularity is its ability to hold against strong weather, it has a high holding power with a refreshing scent of aqua cassis. This product is the one, if you are looking for an all-purpose hair wax that can be used for any occasion, it’s also great for styling a three-dimensional hairstyle, as it gives a lot of volume and body to your hair.



2. Nakano Styling Wax 7 Super Tough Hard


Nakano Styling Wax 7 Super Tough Hard


Nakano Styling Wax 7 is also a popular hair wax in Japan that is known for having one of the strongest setting powers. It is ranked quite high when talking about its holding ability.

The wax is firm but is easily manipulated in the palms of your hand, making it quite easy to absorb into the hair and move around for different styles. The setting power lasts for a long time, you can assure that this hair wax will keep your hair looking great all day long without!



3. Arimino Spice Sisters Hard Wax



Arimino Spice Sisters Hard Wax


If you are looking for a hard type wax this Arimino Spice Sisters Hard Wax is perfect for you! It is one of the best styling products for short to medium hair, it has a promising holding power that does not make your hair become too firm.

However, the setting power is slightly weaker than the freeze type, but it makes your hair softer without leaving a sticky residue. It is ideal for holding volume and maintaining flexibility and natural texture. You only need a small amount, and it will last you all day long. It has a combination of 7 fruit extracts to help preserve the moisture and fight humidity.



4. Demi Hitoyoni Pure Wax 11


Demi Hitoyoni Pure Wax 11


Demi Hitoyoni Pure Wax is great for those who are allergic to hair styling chemicals, since it is made with only the ingredients used in facial cosmetics, making it more gentle on your hair. It is a great product to use as a hair care as well as styling product.

It is a hard type wax that has a strong holding power and can create many hairstyles including short or long hair. Gently care for your hair with a long-lasting holding power. It keeps your hair styled all day long without adding weight to your hair.



Dry Wax

5. Uevo Design Cube Dry Wax


Uevo Design Cube Dry Wax


The Uevo Design Cube Dry Wax holds its rank for several years, it has strong setting power and has a great scent, definitely a favourite for many men. It is a styling product that is exclusive to hair salons, and many professionals also use them. 

One of the reasons for its popularity is the pop package design that is reminiscent of Lego blocks. Since it contains shiny pearl ingredients, you can also care for dry hair due to damage.



6. Lipps Matte Hard Wax


Lipps Matte Hard Wax


This hard wax leaves a semi-matte texture hair with a glossy finish that creates a sense of masculinity. Strong holding power to keep your hair style all day long, the hard-set texture makes it easy to add extra volume to your hair without weighing it down.

It is ideal for styling after a fresh cut, which is why it is a staple product at many professional hair salons. Many hairdressers claim that it is easy to use, does not dry fast and give a natural look to your hair after it is set.


7. Ocean Trico Hair Wax Clay


Ocean Trico Hair Wax Clay


The Ocean Trico Hair Wax is perfect for a hair style that requires volume, it produces a dry and voluminous three -dimensional effect. Keeping your hair in place all day long, it has high setting power with a sophisticated finish.

It is easy to use, as you don’t need a lot to create that three-dimensional effect, it gives the feeling of volume, hair bundle and texture to your hair. It has a gentle scent, perfect for those who are looking for something simple yet effective.



Hard Gel Hair Wax

8. Loretta Hard Jelly


Loretta Hard Jelly


It has a funky packaging perfect for creating a spiky and edgy hair style. It is a gel type wax which doesn’t leave your hair dry and hard to touch. It has brilliant lustier and hard setting power which is from its excellent mix of ingredients such as jelly and honey extract.

It is definitely a top pick when it comes to gel hair wax. It is a water-based styling wax that gives flexibility to the hair, allowing it to be restyled throughout the day. Its blend of incredible ingredients leaves the hair shiny and glossy all day long.



9. Deuxer Aqua 6G Gel Wax


Deuxer Aqua Gel Wax


This incredible Gel Wax does what it claims, which is holds your style firmly throughout the day, it holds firmly while giving a wet luster. It has strong setting power which expresses a clear ridge feeling and movement. It also contains fibre components that keep the style and texture throughout the day.

It can be used on both wet and dry hair. It is sweat-resistant, which allows your hair to stay intact all day long even with strong wind. Perfect for short to medium hair style with a glossy finish, creating an appearance of a healthy hair.



10. Gatsby Moving Rubber Spiky Edge


Gatsby Moving Rubber Spiky Edge


Speaking of Japanese hair wax, can we really not talk about the infamous Gatsby? Of course not, every schoolboy knows of this brand. Not only that it is affordable, but it is also easy to find, being sold at almost every local incontinent store around Japan.

It makes your hair stand up firmly with high flexibility throughout the day. It has hard setting power to keep your hair spiky with volume all day long. It is designed to enhance movement and texture even in short hair.




11. Sakamoto Koseidou Cool Grease G


Sakamoto Koseidou Cool Grease G


The Cool Grease G is a water-based pomade which is fairly popular in Japan. The reason for its popularity really comes down to the high-quality pomade that does not make your hair dry. It delivers a high level of well-balanced moisture and its setting power is ideal for giving an appearance of natural and healthy hair.

It is often used by mixing the pomade with hair wax to ensure that it gives long lasting texture without the dry look. The perfect blend of wetness, luster and setting power is exquisite. Making it ideal for styling your hair. It has a gentle scent of lime. 



2. Sakamoto Koseidou Cock Grease XXX


Sakamoto Koseidou Cock Grease XXX


The Sakamoto Koseidou Cock Grease XXX is a water-based pomade that has a strong setting power. It can set various hair styles giving it a natural look with high setting power. Recommended for those who want to make a nice pomade style such as pompadour hair, which will crumble even if the hair is hardened with grease. It's water-soluble, so you don't have to rub your hands so hard to wash it off.



3. Yanagiya Hair Grease Extra Hard Hair Grease


Yanagiya Hair Grease Extra Hard Hair Grease


Last but not least, this famous Yanagiya pomade cannot be excluded from this list. Although it hasn’t been in the market for a long time compared to other water-based pomades, this Yanagiya Hair Grease is created by a well-known brand in Japan and due to its amazing quality, it has quickly gained popularity among the water-based pomades.

It is an extra hard type pomade that will keep your hair styled and glossy all day long with its excellent holding power. It has various beneficial ingredients that are for hair repairment such as pericea. 


Best Japanese Hair Wax

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