8 Best Japanese Face Creams in 2021

8 Best Japanese Face Creams in 2021

A moisturising cream can do more than just adding moisture to the skin, when you chose the right moisturiser, its benefits go beyond hydrating your skin, it can help with anti-aging, scares removal or even brightening your skin.

It is important to read the ingredients to ensure that they are suitable for you, ingredients such as ceramide is suitable for preventing acne and rough skin, but you might want to avoid this ingredient if your skin is naturally dry.


There are also various types of moisturisers, for example, emulsion is a moisturising cream that covers the moisture given to the skin and prevents the evaporation of water. It has the same function as moisturising cream but contains less oil and can keep moisture for a long time.

Japan is also known for its incredible skincare range, we know that majority of Asian around the world has excellent skin, while that may be hugely influenced by the naturally high collagen cells, skincare does play a role in providing healthy appearance for Asian skin.

Today, we will be exploring some of Japanese best face creams, it is already hard enough to pick the right moisturiser, but this list will make your life a lot easier!



1. Curel Intensive Moisture Cream


Curel Intensive Moisture Cream


Curel is a well-known Japanese brand that has a product range that is suitable for sensitive skin. Curel Intensive Moisture Cream is designed for dry and sensitive skin, it has ceramide that helps boost the moisture. It does this by delivering water directly to the surface of your skin. Curel claims that the amount of water is increased by 2.1 times the original amount when using Curel Intensive Moisture Cream.

It also has amazing ingredient list that is beneficial for your skin such as Allantoin which has an anti-inflammatory effect and is formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin. This cream has a smooth and soft texture, making the laying process a lot gentler on your face. There is no ordor and does not leave sticky residue at the end. Our top pick for a simple and gentle moisturiser for sensitive skin.



2. Kanebo Fresh Day Cream


Kanebo Fresh Day Cream


Kanebo Fresh Day Cream is a perfect moisturising cream for the morning time that can be used as a base coat for makeup as well. It has a great moisturising power which helps deliver high amount of water to the skin. It also has incredible blend of emollient ingredients which care for your skin on a deeper level.

It is a great AM moisturiser as it contains UV protection, no need for extra layer of sunscreen when you are using this cream. Its texture is soft and smooth, gliding on your skin so effortlessly without leaving any white residue. It also has a gentle floral scent that is not too overpowering. The perfect day cream for your hectic day ahead.



3. Whomee Moist Aging Care Cream


Whomee Moist Aging Care Cream


An anti-aging cream that everyone needs. A rich beauty essence that maximises the effect of oil essence and it is aimed to solve adult skin concerns. Not to mention that it has excellent moisturising power with various ingredients to help combat dehydration. It claims to deliver 2.3times more moisture when compared to regular cream. It also includes ingredients such as ceramide, which we all know it is amazing for moisturising the skin.

As your skin starts to age, you need more moisture to ensure that your skin cells are lubricated in order to perform its daily activities. Considering using moisturiser that focuses on delivering hydration to the skin will help slow down the process of aging. This moisturiser is suitable for both dry and oily skin.



4. Minon Amino Moist Aging Care Milk Cream


Minon Amino Moist Aging Care Milk Cream


Another amazing gentle moisturiser for sensitive and aged skin. You can almost feel the boost in hydration immediately after applying this cream. It has high moisturising power that does not leave your skin feeling sticky. It contains ingredients such as "Glycyrrhizinate 2K" which helps keeping the moisture within the surface layer of the skin.

It has a fresh scent which creates a relaxing sensation when you are applying the cream. It is a light moisturiser packed with incredible benefits. Perfect for both dry and combination skin, seeking for more moisture for your face.



5. Orbis u dot Moisture


Orbis u dot Moisture


This Orbis U Dot Moisturiser does leave a sticky texture on your skin, some people may prefer this as it leaves them feeling highly moisturised after applying it. This cream is perfect on sensitive skin, it also delivers firmness. Orbis Moisture claims that the skin moisture content peaked 3 hours after application, which allows the skin to absorb the moisture thoroughly and dispute that to different parts of your skin cells.

It has a firm texture; however, it is easy to apply as it smoothly blends into the skin as it touches your face. This moisturiser is perfect for dry skin, can also be used to help with the healing process of sunburns.



6. POLA BA Light Selecter


POLA BA Light Selecter


Amazing day moisturiser, packed with SPF50 + PA+++, it provides maximum protection against ultraviolet rays for your skin. It contains POLA’s original moisturising ingredients such as Golden LP, BA core Liquid and ADD Light Extract. Which support a three-dimensional effect by providing elasticity to the skin.

It has a gel like consistency that spreads smoothly on the skin, which blends well by providing a skin protective film. Perfect on all types of skin as its main goal is to protect the skin from UV ray while delivering maximum hydration to your skin.



7. Shiseido Essential Energy Moisturising Cream


Shiseido Essential Energy Moisturising Cream


The first moisturiser from this list that is not recommended for sensitive skin! This Shiseido Essential Moisturising Cream will add incredible amount of moisture in the skin. However, its ingredient list suggests that it aims to combat unevenness in skin texture over its moisturising effect.

In addition to the skin conditioning ingredients that keep the skin healthy, it also has a lot of aging care ingredients, but it is not suitable for sensitive skin because it contains caffeine that promotes skin permeability. It has gentle floral scent and a non-sticky texture.



8. SK-ii Skinpower Cream


SK-ii Skinpower Cream


The SK-II Skinpower Cream is rich in aging care ingredients. It contains SK-II’s unique ingredients called Pitera. Which is a highly sort out ingredient that makes SK-II such a premium brand in the market. It confirms that two hours after application, the skin moisture content reached twice its original value.

The composition of the ingredients is characterised by a mix of abundant aging care ingredients such as "niacinamide" in addition to the skin conditioning ingredients that give the skin firmness. It contains a slightly sweet floral scent with a light texture that glides onto the skin smoothly.

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