8 Best Japanese Whitening Creams in 2021

8 Best Japanese Whitening Creams in 2021

Japanese skincare has a wide range of skincare products targeting different skin issues. Whitening care is one of the top concerns in Japan, damaged caused by extreme UV ray can produce dark spots and pigmentations that are difficult to remove.

With beauty rituals and whitening skin care products, it seems that Japanese women have found the secret to keeping their skin looking forever youthful, radiant, and free of hyperpigmentation. We have compiled a list of the Best Japanese Whitening Creams in the market.




1. Fujifilm Astalift White Cream



This Astalift White Cream is extremely lightweight containing various elements that bring out a radiant and glowing skin. It has added Fujifilm’s proprietary complex Nano AMA+ and evening primrose seed extract. These ingredients help brightening the skin as well as even out your complexion. Also contains apricot extract to promote skin cells turnover and remove melanin, as well as boosting moisture within your skin.




2. Lits White Stem Cream



Lits White Stem Cream blends smoothly and wraps your skin with its high moisturising power. It is a medicated cream that suppresses the production of melanin while providing moisture to your skin. It is the perfect blend of ingredients that will help lighten the complexion of your skin as well as help to eliminate redness and reduce hyperpigmentation. This cream is great for those who have concern about skin discolorations.




3. Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Gel Cream



Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Gel Cream is a refreshing, light and smooth gel moisturiser that corrects your hyperpigmentation and targets dark spots. It incorporates ReNeura Technology+™ which helps support skin's natural resistance to the appearance of dullness, dark spots, and uneven tone as well as provides all day moisture to improve the appearance of dryness and fine lines.




4. Hada Labo Shirojyun Premium Medicated Whitening Cream



Hada Labo Shirojun Premium Medicinal Whitening Cream penetrates deep into UV-damaged skin and helps restore impaired skin cells. Damaged skin caused by UV rays can result in inflammation as well as spots and freckles. This cream ensures that your damaged skin cells are being restored, and it also helps reduce the production of melanin. More than just the surface, this cream replenishes moisture deep within skin and brightens skin tone, making it appear healthier and radiant.




5. Muji Medicated Whitening Moisturising Cream



Muji, also carries a great range of skincare products, they mainly focus on providing a solution for those with sensitive skin. The Muji Medicated Whitening Moisturising Cream is a pH-balanced facial cream that focuses on creating a healthy skin barrier that protects you from further damage. It has grapefruit seed extracts that act as a hydrator while reducing the production of melanin. It aims to eliminate dark spots that may cause you to feel less confident. This product is formulated free of fragrances, colorants, mineral oils, parabens, and alcohol.




6. Shiseido Aqua Label Special Gel Cream White



Shiseido Aqua Label Special Cream is a multi-tasking gel cream that can work effectively after your face wash. It is an all-in-one facial cream that acts as a watery lotion, beauty serum, moisturising lotion, face cream and mask. It has a “triple effect” formula that softens the skin from within, providing a soft and glowing radiant. The cream locks in moisture and replenishes nutrients to keep your skin supple and moisturised.




7. Kao Curel Whitening Care Moisture Facial Cream



This cream is perfect for those with dry and sensitive skin who seek for whitening care. A reputable Japanese skincare brand, Kao Curel came up with the effective formula for those that want to prevent dullness due to aging. It has moisturizing ingredients such as ceramide, eucalyptus extract, which penetrate deep into the stratum corneum. Keeps the skin moisturised and radiant, making it less susceptible to external stimuli. Prevents rough skin and promotes healthy and supple skin.




8. Kanebo Dew Brightening Cream



Kanebo Dew Brightening Cream is great to achieve moisturised and transparent skin. It has brightening power that moisturises the skin to prevent it from looking dull due to dryness. It suppresses the production of melanin and prevents spots and freckles. In addition to moisturising ingredients, it contains uniquely developed ingredients and active whitening ingredients. It also has a light scent of gentle floral based on lily essence, accented with refreshing top notes of orange and lemon.





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