9 Best Healthy and Unique Japanese Cereals in 2021

9 Best Healthy and Unique Japanese Cereals in 2021

Breakfast is arguably the most important and delicious meal of the day; it will get you through a busy morning with a boost of energy. If you walk into a Japanese convenience store, you might be overwhelmed by the number of breakfast options you are presented with.

Don’t worry, we have made a list of the Best Healthy Japanese Cereals that are packed with nutrients and fibre to help get you through the day!  




1. Calbee Frugra



Calbee Frugra is a delicious granola type breakfast made from oats, rye, and other grains, it also has dried fruits. This is a great healthy breakfast option for those that are health conscious. Calbee Frugra have high fibre and will allow for easy digestion. It claims to have high fibre with 8 vitamins to help boost your immunity. A delicious crunchy breakfast that is also healthy for your body!




2. Nissin Gorotto Premium Granola Whole Soybean



Nissin Gorotto Premium Granola Whole Soybean supports your daily activities by providing essential nutrients and vitamins. This Japanese granola contains three types of toasted soybeans, oat, rye flour and kinako (roasted Japanese soybean powder), as well as other nourishing ingredients. The granola mix is not only tasty but gives you vitamins, iron, calcium, and fibre! Simply add it to milk or yogurt and you will have a delicious bowl of breakfast!




3. Calbee Strawberry Gra




This is a special granola made for children. Enjoy your every bite as you chew into the delicious mix of oats and other grains. It has a mix of chocolate and strawberry flavours that give it a perfect sweetness, combining with the crunchy texture. This breakfast is easily many kids’ favourite! When added to milk, the chocolate and strawberry flavours exude.




4. Nissin Gorotto Premium Granola Choco Nuts



Nissin Gorotto Premium Granola Chocolate is a combination of delicious nuts and chocolate chunks that provide essential nutrients and vitamins to your body. This Japanese granola contains chocolate covered cereals and three types of roasted nuts: almonds, walnuts, and cashew nuts. Premium granola where you can enjoy the rich taste of nuts. A perfect breakfast for those who enjoys consuming nuts for breakfast!




5. Kellogg’s Genmai Brown Rice Flakes



Kellogg’s Genmai Brown Rice Flakes contains genmai brown rice and vitamins E. Genmai is a type of whole-grain brown rice that has high fibre, perfect for those with digestive problems. It is a nutritionally functional food with 7 kinds of vitamins, iron, and calcium! It is not sweet, but you can add honey or syrup of your liking to add more flavours, wake up to a bowl of delicious goods!




6. Kellogg’s All Bran Flakes



Kellogg’s All Bran Flakes are crunchy flakes of whole wheat and wheat bran that provide you with 26% of your daily fibre intake. The natural wheat bran fibre in All-Bran Wheat Flakes Breakfast Cereal is clinically proven to promote regularity which is important for your digestive health. Grab a bowl full of these cereals and top with your favourite milk or reduced fat yoghurt and fruit for a nutritiously complete breakfast.




7. Kellogg’s Fruits Granola



Kellogg’s Fruits Granola has dietary fibre and plenty of iron! It also has eight kinds of vitamins with a good balance of nutrients. It includes freeze-dried strawberries to add more sweetness and crunch to your bowl. You can enjoy the original taste of strawberries without artificial sugar. It includes various nutritious ingredients such as raisins and pumpkin seed, which add great texture to the granola!




8. Nissin Ciscorn Big Frost



Nissin Ciscorn Big Frost is a popular breakfast among kids and adults. The corn flakes that can be found in almost every convenience store. These corn flakes have a gentle sweetness using sanon tou (a type of sweetener). It also has vitamins that support the function of calcium in the body to enhance its health benefits with more than 9 kinds of vitamins. A simple bowl of breakfast that will fill you up all day long!




9. Nissin Gorotto Premium Granola Colourful Fruits



Double-blended maple-style cereals that complement the deliciousness of dried fruits, it comes with plenty of large, sliced ​​strawberries, grain strawberries, pineapples, blueberry balls, and mangoes. Premium granola that you can enjoy the sweetness from the oat grains, sourness from the various fruits, and the mellow maple flavour. Plenty of dietary fibre, with 9 kinds of vitamins, iron, and calcium.







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