11 Best Japanese BB Creams in 2021

11 Best Japanese BB Creams in 2021

Japanese skincare is known for its light, smooth and natural skin texture. While some of them are blessed with naturally smooth skin, many relies on light coverage BB creams to cover dark spots and even out blemishes. Japanese BB creams are often packed with beneficial ingredients to deliver skin benefits as well as providing a healthier appearance.

          These BB creams are often used daily as a moisturiser and light foundation to cover your skin concerns. You can now enjoy all the components of Japanese skin care with light coverage by using Japanese BB creams! In this blog, we have combined some of the Best Japanese BB Creams for both men and women to help combat their skin concerns.




1. Moist Labo BB Essence Cream



Moist Labo BB Essence Cream is a lightweight BB cream that is perfect for when you need light coverage to even out your complexion. It works great as an everyday BB cream, as the formulation is light and does not clog your pores. It has the ability to blur blemishes and even out dark spots. The ingredients feature hyaluronic acid and ceramide; therefore, it has high moisturising power. In addition, it also has strong UV protection with SPF50 PA+++++ which is great for everyday outings and activities.




2. Freshel BB UV Cream



Kanebo Freshel BB Cream UV SPF43 PA++ helps to protect the skin against daily UV rays and its fragrance free. It helps smooth dark spots, scars, and uneven skin tone, make it appears less visible because it contains white colour beads. It has three different versions: moisturizing, thick moisturizing and UV whitening. You can choose it based on your preference and desire result. It effortlessly covers your blemishes without clogging your pores. 




3. Fasio BB Cream Waterproof



This is a lightweight waterproof BB cream that will give you a natural coverage without looking too thick. It comes in three different shades that will oxidise and match your skin tone. It combines moisturising ingredients that allow the skin to stay hydrated and radiant at the same time. It will give your skin a smoother finish without the stickiness. Providing skin care while looking youthful and smooth.




4. Men’s Biore One BB&UV Cream



Men’s Biore One BB Cream is designed specifically for men’s skin. It is a BB cream with UV protection that naturally conceals any problem of your skin. It delivers even skin tone and sunscreen in one coat while providing SPF 50+ / PA ++++. Helps prevent formation of stains and freckles from sunburn. It is lightweight and comfortable to use, will provide a smoother skin finish without having to worry about looking too cakey.




5. Uno Face Color Creator BB Cream



Another BB cream designed for men; it provides fast skin colour correction with firm coverage. You can correct all your skin issues with this one product. The BB cream formula combined ingredients to deliver fresh feeling and gives a bright, glossy, and healthy finish. Perfect for every use if you desire a smoother and even skin finish that does not clogged your pores.




6. Missha BB Cream



Missha BB Cream creates flawless and radiant skin by covering skin imperfections with its excellent coverage. It also has anti-wrinkle, whitening and UV protection functionalities, all in one. It has an easily buildable formula grants you complete control, to choose a sheer to medium coverage by simply adding extra cream. Also has SPF 42 which provides great protection against UV rays and helps reduce the natural aging effect of the skin.




7. Chifure BB Cream



Chifure BB Cream acts as a beauty essence, milky lotion, moisturizing cream, sunscreen, makeup base, and foundation. It is light but it can easily cover dark spots and blemishes that can be visible. It also contains moisturising ingredients which will ensure that your skin will stay hydrated and radiant throughout the day. This BB cream can be used by simply applying an appropriate amount and blend it in with your bare hands, you will achieve a natural and light coverage that you desire.




8. Ci: Labo BB Cream Enrich-Life



This BB cream is perfect for those that desire firm and even skin tone. New Aqua Collagen Gel Enrich Lift EX is a common component of firm skin collagen to cover skin discolouration and large pores. It also has excellence coverage that does not interfere the skin benefits that comes with the cream. Perfect for everyday use to give you natural skin but more radiant and healthy-looking than your actual skin. Easily blendable formula that can be used anytime of the day!




9. Null Men’s BB Cream



Null Men’s BB Cream targets men trouble skin such as beard shadow, acne, dark circles under the eyes. It protects against UV rays and sunburns that you often face with in your everyday activities. Once applied, it creates an even complexion and blur out dark spots. It is developed with the formula of non-oily and long-lasting ingredients. Easy to use even for first timers and it is removable with a simple facial cleanser.




10. Mooj BB Cream for Men



MOOJ Men’s BB cream is designed in accordance with the skin colour of Japanese men, works as an all-in-one sunscreen, makeup base, foundation, and concealer. It also prevents glare and is resistant to sweat and does not collapse throughout the day, so it will last all day long. It has SPF37/PA+++ Sunscreen and includes 7 types of organic extracts that deliver several benefits to the skin. No additives: Paraben free, mineral oil, ethanol free, fragrance-free, UV absorber, and petroleum surfactant free. Perfect for those with sensitive skin.




11. Mineral Essence BB Cream



Mineral Essence BB Cream is made with minerals and botanical extracts which has similar properties of a beauty cream. It is a BB cream with excellence coverage and can be removed with simple facial cleansers. It features carefully selected plant-derived extracts that help treat skin concerns. The incredible formula provides both long-lasting coverage and benefits to the skin at the same time. A delicate balance of only the finest mineral and beauty ingredients resulted in a formula with natural finish, high coverage, and no stickiness. Creating a healthy appearance of natural skin.






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