11 Best Japanese Night Creams in 2021

11 Best Japanese Night Creams in 2021

While using the same moisturiser for your morning and night routine may not be an issue, as you get older, it is recommended by dermatologists that you incorporate a special night cream into your routine to target deeper skin concerns such as aging and discolorations.

A great night moisturiser will help boost the hydration for your skin as well as even out texturized skin. For this reason, it is extremely crucial to choose the night cream for your skin concerns. We have listed the Best Japanese Night Creams in the market to help you wake up with a beautiful, plumped, and moisturised skin. Nothing is better than going to bed knowing that your skin will be taken care of!




1. Lantelno White HQ Cream




This is a highly concentrated night cream that is recommended to be used before bedtime as a night care routine. It features ingredients that help combat skin discolouration such as Hydroquinone, which is a highly effective ingredient to help brightening the skin. Because it has high concentration of hydroquinone, we recommend avoid long-term use for more than a year at the same point. Also be sure to apply sunscreen in the morning.




2. Velus HQ White Cream



Velus HQ White Cream is a luxurious blend of 23 types of beauty ingredients including 7 moisturizing ingredients, such as placenta extract, vitamin C derivatives, and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients guarantee to deliver skin benefits as well as moisturise the skin. The cream will help even out your complexions and reduce redness that may be caused from acne, scars, and allergies. Recommended to apply lightly onto your skin before bed and rinse off in the morning, follow up with sunscreen.




3. Acbes abd Labo Spots Cream




Formulated alongside with dermatologists, this product is dedicated to trouble skin for intensive acne care. It is formulated with vegetable isoflavones, which help balance sebum and moisture to enhance the barrier and protect skin from dryness. It is free of fragrance, colouring and paraben, suitable for sensitive skin. Simply apply to areas of concern, it also includes night-time patch that can be used with the cream to achieve an effective approach while you sleep.




4. Quality First Night Sleep Mask



This is a premium sleeping mask that promotes skin moisture and firmness to the area. It is a night mask gel that is formulated with multiple ingredients to deliver maximal benefits to the skin. This premium mask is completely preservative-free and contains 63 kinds of skin-enhancing ingredients that help with hydration and promote radiance and healthy-looking skin. Free of colorants, mineral oils, fragrances, alcohol, making it suitable for sensitive skin.




5. MNKB Spots Care Gel



Another night cream that delivers intensive acne care for your skin, it includes ingredients that prevent the growth of acne bacteria, reduce skin rashes and target blackheads. When the sebum gets clogged in the pores, the acne bacteria grow, and this is the main reason of acne production. Therefore, MNKB Spots Care Gel aims to target acne bacteria and eliminate it from your pores. Using 3 active ingredients that prevent acne: Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate which reduces inflammation of acne, Placenta extract helps improve blackheads, and Isopropyl methyl phenol which inhibits the growth of acne bacteria.




6. Transino Whitening Repair Cream EX



This whitening repair cream helps with skin discolouration using active whitening ingredient "Tranexamic Acid" which blocks "stain information" that encourages melanin production. In addition to the active whitening ingredient, it is also formulated with 2K glycyrrhizinate to prevent skin rashes and redness. Not only does it care for skin appearance such as brightness, transparency, and uneven colour, but also skin texture such as firmness and pores.




7. Albinia Whitening Cream



Another whitening cream that cares for your skin, Albinia Whitening Cream contains 2 active whitening ingredient such as Tranexamic Acid which prevents the production of melanin that has been used for medicinal whitening cosmetics for many years and Stearyl glycyrrhizinate, which is derived from natural plant, and it is effective for smoothing rough skin. It is recommended for those who wants to improve the dullness of their skin.




8. Nameraka Honpo Wrinke Night Cream



Nameraka Honpo Wrinke Night Cream is formulated with fermented soy milk and pure retinol to delivery deep moisture to help combat wrinkles and aging skin. It contains moisturizing ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, and soymilk ferment. Simply apply generous amount to your skin, the product will quickly absorb into your skin and works its magic while you are sleeping.




9. White Rush HQ Cream



White Rush HQ Cream supports women in their 30s to help combat aging skin. It is formulated with 5% pure hydroquinone which promotes skin hydration and even out your skin tone. Avoid using this cream on sensitive skin or problematic areas as it can cause rashes and redness. Also, Hydroquinone deteriorates with UV rays, oxygen, and high temperatures. We recommend you close the lid after use and store it in the fridge after each use. The colour may slightly turn brown during use, but the quality will remain the same.




10. Elixir Lifting Night Cream



Shiseido Elixir Lifting Night Cream is a Japanese anti-aging cream that replenishes moisture and firmness during your sleep. It has a rich moisturizing power that protects your skin from the night with a moisturizing barrier that leads to plump and bouncy skin in the morning. It prevents repeated dryness and maintains moisture and firmness. This premium night cream has an advanced aging care that promotes beautiful elasticity in your skin.




11. One By Kose Wrinkle Repair Cream



The perfect night cream for those that are concerned about their aging skin. One By Kose Wrinkle Repair Cream works by effectively smoothing wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones. It penetrates deep into your skin to boost epidermis regeneration, which helps moisturise the skin to ensure elasticity and softness. It also contains an active ingredient, Niacin that protects skin from environmental stresses and improve the texture of your skin. It is a great repair cream to incorporate into your routine if you are facing aging concerns.






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