[2nd-Class OTC Drug] Pair Acne Cream W 24g


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`` Pear Acne Cream W '' penetrates the active ingredient without opening the affected area,

It is a medicine that cures acne from the “source”.

Ibuprofen piconol (IPPN): Comed (white acne) production by acne

Suppresses, reduces inflammation (red acne), and treats pimples and acne from the “source”!

Isopropyl methyl phenol (IPMP): Sterilizes acne bacteria that worsen symptoms,

Suppress the progress of breakouts and acne!

○ Because it is a cream that is moist and transparent to the skin, you can apply makeup on it, before going out

I do not mind when going out.

○ It stretches to the affected area without stickiness.

○ It is [slightly acidic] close to the skin.

○ A subtle, pleasant fragrance of plant origin.


  • Precautions for use

■■ Do not do ■■

(If you do not observe it, your current symptoms may worsen or side effects may occur.)

Do not use on the following parts

Around the eyes and eyes

■■ Consulting ■■

  1. The next person, please consult a doctor, pharmacist or registered seller before use

(1) Person who is being treated by a doctor.

(2) People who have had allergic symptoms due to drugs or cosmetics.

(3) A person who has terrible moistness or soreness in the affected area.

2.If any of the following symptoms appears after use, use immediately

Stop and consult your doctor, pharmacist or registered seller with this document


  • Ingredients and quantity

Active ingredient: quantity

Ibuprofen piconol (IPPN): 3.0%

Isopropyl methyl phenol (IPMP): 0.3%


As additives, stearyl alcohol, polysorbate 60, edetic acid Na, paraben,

Diisopropanolamine, octyldodecanol, 1,3-butylene glycol,

Contains carboxyvinyl polymer and fragrance.


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