FANCL Calorie Limit 120 Tablets for 30 Days


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Japan's first supplement! Functionally labeled food that suppresses the absorption of sugar and fat in the diet.

Since it can be taken up to three times a day, it supports various scenes from breakfast to sweets time.

* This is the first functional food that the Consumer Affairs Agency has accepted as a processed food in the form of a supplement with a double function that suppresses the absorption of sugar and fat in the diet.


[Having a happy diet]

With moderate exercise and a well-balanced diet,

Enjoy healthy and enjoyable everyday with 5 dietary support ingredients.


[Suppress sugar and fat absorption]

It is recommended to take before calorie-consuming meals.

Served up to three times a day.

[Estimated once] 4 tablets (approximately 30 times / 120 tablets x 3 bags)


【raw materials

Mulberry leaf extract powder (mulberry leaf extract, starch decomposed product), green tea extract, chitosan, starch, gymnema sylvestre extract, kidney bean extract, cellulose, cyclic oligosaccharides, calcium stearate, shellac


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