21 Best Japanese Face Washes in 2022

12 Best Japanese Face Washes in 2021

Face wash is an essential step in any skincare routine, if you are too lazy to have a proper skincare routine, at least wash your face twice a day! Not only that our skin picks up dirt and impurities throughout the day, overtime, our skin also accumulates dead skin cells which block your pores and develop those painful acne. Ouch! I know right!!!

            Japanese skincare does wonders to your skin, it comes in wide range of options, from texture, scent and packaging. Not only that, it is also amazing at what it claims to do. For this reason, we have developed the top eight best Japanese face wash of 2021, so YOU can get your skincare game on point. Let’s get started!




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Importance of Face Wash

Face wash is one of the most vital steps in your skincare routine, the purpose of face wash is to remove stains and dirt that are clogged in your pores. When washing your face at night, it allows sebum, sweat and makeup stains collected throughout the day to be thoroughly removed. Because our skin cannot naturally remove dirt on its own, a facial cleaner that is suitable for your skin can ensure that your skin stays clean and clear! Here are some of the reasons why you should consider washing your face every day:

It removes build up. A common benefit for facial cleansing is that it effectively removes dirt and stains in your pores. Like mentioned, your skin cannot remove dirt and stains on its own, therefore, it is crucial that you wash your face daily to remove unwanted particles in your skin.

Boosting hydration. While each facial cleanser has a different purpose, one of its common goals is to cleanse and deliver moisture to the deeper layers of the skin. Facial cleansing helps balance your PH level, by producing sufficient moisture and water retention. 

Maintain healthy and clear skin. Taking care of your skin brings you a step closer to clearer and healthier skin. Washing your face is no exception, it is important to thoroughly cleanse your skin to maintain visibly clear and healthy complexion. Proper skin cleansing clears pores to prevent dirt build-up, allowing the sebum oil to reach the skin surface and decreasing the chances of a breakout.


How to choose the right Face Wash

1. Identify your skin type

The first step is to understand your skin type, as each product is usually targeted towards a specific purpose such as hydration, oil control or anti-aging. Knowing your skin type will help you narrow down your options. For instance, dryer skin prefers a gentle, non-foaming cleanser and oily skin needs foaming formula to help dissolve dirt and oil. Both should leave your skin feeling refreshed, but not overly tight or dry.

2. Check the ingredient list

Once you have identified your skin type, you can start looking at the ingredient list to give you a better idea of the product. If you have acne concerns, you may want to find products with “active ingredients” such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil and sulfur. For those with oily skin, they can search for a cleanser that contains “clay”, which is expected to have a sebum-absorbing effect. Facial cleansers are not meant to be harsh and should not strip away your natural oil, therefore, you should also look for hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, or amino acid.

3. Chose the form that suits your need

Lastly, you want to pick the type of cleanser that suits your needs. Cleansers come in various forms such as gel, foam, oil and balm. Foam type allows you to wash your face by gently producing bubbles which will deeply penetrate your pores and cleanse them thoroughly. Suitable for those with busy mornings. Bar soap is recommended for those who want a refreshing finish after washing their face. Oil cleansers are great for those that have dry skin, as it produces extra moisture as well as deeply cleanses your pores. You can experiment with several types to find the perfect cleanser for you! 




1. Senka Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam


Senka Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam


If you could do one thing right, make sure to pick the right face wash to you skin type. This Shiseido Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam is rich in moisture, it contains naturally derived hyaluronic acid to bring moisture without disturbing the skin. It is enclosed in dense white cocoon foam; its purpose is to slides on pores and absorb dirt and dead skin more efficiently. The forming mechanism allows the cleanser to reach every tiny crease of your face and gently clean with its powerful cleansing system.

  • Deeply cleans your skin
  • Provides powerful moisture
  • Prevents your skin from drying out
  • Gentle floral scent
  • No coloring
  • Allergy tested
  • Suitable for oily skin


Price: $6.70 USD

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2. Kanebo Suisai Beaty Clear Powder


Kanebo Suisai Beaty Clear Powder


This innovative enzyme powder wash has received a lot of attention for the past years, due to its advanced high cleansing mechanism power and its innovative packaging design. The Kanebo enzyme powder wash turns into dense forming wash after encountering with water, it excellently removes excess oil, sebum, dirt, dead skin cells and other impurities.

It contains various moisturising and brightening properties to keep your skin extra soft and smooth after each wash. It is loved in the Japanese beauty world as it is super convenient and cleanse keep into your pores, extracting dead skin cells, dirt and impurities. Giving your skin that fresh and clean sensation after each wash.

  • Easy for travelling
  • Interesting application
  • Deeply cleanse and moisturising
  • Leaving the skin smooth and brighten
  • Help exfoliate and remove clogged pores
  • Suitable for all skin types


Price: $21.35 USD

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3. Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Foaming Cleanser


Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Foaming Cleanser 100g


We cannot go without mentioning the famous Hada Labo Foaming Cleanser is second to none, it’s known for its extremely hydrating power, that brings the right moisture to your skin. The milky Hada Labo Gokujyun face wash has a high cleaning ability, containing powerful penetrating ingredients that effortlessly wash away dirt and impurities.

The cleanser provides intense moisture from combining 3 premium Hyaluronic acids, to prevent anti-aging and skin dehydration. It is suitable for sensitive skin as it is mild and gentle on the surface, colour free and fragrance free.

  • Include hyaluronic acids
  • High cleaning system
  • Colour free and fragrance free
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Suitable for all skin types


Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Foaming Cleanser Beauty Review 2021


Price: $6.95 USD

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4. FANCL Deep Cleansing Powder


FANCL Deep Cleansing Powder


FANCL Deep Clear Cleansing Powder is known as a high performing enzymatic cleansing powder that removes dirt, dead skin cells and impurities. The powder mixed with charcoal and clay quickly turns into thick foaming consistency when it interacts with water. It protects the moisture while taking up dirt, pores are less noticeable with consistent use.

  • Deep penetration
  • High cleansing power
  • Great for travelling
  • Pores are less noticeable
  • Suitable for all skin types


Price: $28.40 USD

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5. Rosette Cleansing Paste Sea Mud Smooth


Rosette Cleansing Paste Sea Mud Smooth


Rosette foaming cleanser creates a dust and elastic foam that contains kaidei; an ingredient that is rich in mineral sea mud and its powered form is blended into this cleanser along with plant extracts and rose extract. The foam is to absorb excess dirt and oil effectively without breaking the skin natural cycle. The rose extract tightens the pores, leaving the skin soft and plumped with that healthy glow.

  • Extracts excess dirt and oil
  • Rose extract to tighten the pores
  • Contains natural minerals
  • Leaving the skin feeling smooth and firm
  • Suitable for oily skin


Price: $7.50 USD

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6. Bifesta Foaming Whip Bright Up


Bifesta Foaming Whip Bright Up


Bifesta is known for getting rid of deep impurities, the Bright Up Foaming Whip Face Wash creates thick, fine-grained foam containing carbonic acid, that penetrates between the skin and dirt, allowing it to be wash away effortlessly. The extremely fine foaming mechanism allow the bubbles to fully absorb and remove dirt.

  • Contain lactic acid that softens the skin
  • Gentle yet effective
  • Remove stubborn makeup
  • Moisturising and nourishing
  • Suitable for oily skin


Price: $10.00 USD

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7. FANCL Facial Washing Powder


 FANCL Facial Washing Powder


    If you are searching for something that is gentle yet extremely effective on your gentle skin, the FANCL powder-like cleanser is known for that. It deeply penetrates the skin and remove clogged pores and excess dirt. The powder turns into dense and dusty foam to keep the skin moisturised, while removing unnecessary particles that are the cause of acne.

    • Moisturising as it cleanses
    • Reduces fine lines and dryness
    • Elastic foam protects the skin
    • Deep penetration
    • Suitable for normal skin


    Price: $18.85 USD

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    8. Biore Ouchi De Este Facial Massaging Gel


    Biore Ouchi De Este Facial Massaging Gel


    This gentle yet effective facial gel features ultra-moisturising and non-forming formula that transforms the usual face wash routine into your own at home facial. It integrates various natural ingredients to wash away impurities as well as adding moisture to the skin. It is recommended to use during the shower, where the steam helps expand the pores, allowing a deeper clean.

    • Get rid of stubborn dirt and impurities
    • Nourishment and moisturising
    • Relief stiffness
    • Simple at home facial
    • Gently and calming
    • Suitable for oily skin


    Price: $10.95 USD

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    9. Curel Intensive Moisture Care Foaming Wash


    Curel Intensive Moisture Care Foaming Wash


    The iconic Curel Intensive Moisture Care Foaming Face Wash contains ceramide with other moisturising ingredients, to ensure that it cleans well without drying out the skin barrier. This foaming face wash features anti-inflammatory agents to prevent any skin irritation. Alcohol free and fragrance free.

    • Intensive moisture and nourishment
    • Contain ceramide
    • Contain anti-inflammatory agents
    • Soft and moist finishes
    • Mild and comforting
    • Suitable for sensitive skin


    Price: $19.55 USD

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    10. Transino Clear Wash


    Transino Clear Wash


    This famous Transino Clear wash by Daiichi Sankyo is known for its extremely moisturising ability while being able to penetrate deep into the skin layers. When mixed with water it creates fine foam that adheres to the skin, the foaming cleanser removes extra dead skin and impurities in your pores.  It is suitable to dry skin as the foam adheres well to dirt and it also moisturise your face while cleaning it.

    • High moisturising power
    • Deeply cleanse your pores
    • Penetrates deep into the skin
    • Medically recommended ingredients
    • Suitable for normal skin


    Price: $25.50 USD

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    11. Cow Brand No-additive Moist Foaming Cleanser


    Cow Brand No-additive Moist Foaming Cleanser


    Cow Brand Foam Cleanser combines plant soap and plant amino acid cleaning ingredients. It creates a dense and fluffy cushioning foam, that effectively removes sebum, dead skins and dirt without burdening your skin. It has high moisturizing effect, keep fine, smooth and beautiful skin with no effort needed. The cleanser is known for its soft milky scent that freshens the skin and leaves a beautiful natural smell.

    • No additive gentle to the skin
    • Protect delicate skin
    • Gentle ingredients
    • Moistens and smoothens the skin
    • Gets rid of impurities
    • Suitable for oily skin


    Price: $8.50 USD

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    12. Senka Perfect Whip Collagen in


    Senka Perfect Whip Collagen in


    Last but definently not least, one of an amazing cleanser from Senka perfect whip collection. The Senka Perfect Whip Collagen is a facial cleanser that contains highly concentrated collagen that helps achieve the everlasting beautiful skin. The collagen keeps the skin looking healthy and smooth, while maintaining the youth in your skin. The dense foaming texture deeply penetrates the skin and extract unwanted dirt and skin cells that causing problematic skin.

    • High cleansing powder
    • Contains collagen
    • Keeps the skin looking youthful
    • Extremely moisturising
    • Lightly scented
    • Suitable for dry skin


    Price: $9.50 USD

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    13. Mentholatum Acnes Anti-Acne Medicated Cream Face Wash




    Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Cream Cleanser is a medicinal facial cleansing foam that thoroughly washes off acne and leads to smooth and supple skin. Cream-type facial cleanser that cleans off sebum from deep within. It is formulated with a disinfectant and isopropyl methylphenol, these ingredients sterilise acne and remove sebum and dirt from the deeper level. The blend of these powerful ingredients works to reduce inflammation to prevent acne and irritations. With a gentle scent of refreshing citrus. 

    • Improves acne
    • Includes disinfectant
    • Gentle scent of citrus
    • Cream-type
    • Suitable for acne-prone skin


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    14. Nameraka Honpo Cleansing Face Wash




    Nameraka Honpo Cleansing Face Wash features a highly moisturising ingredient, honpo soy milk fermentation. The cleanser includes powerful ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, which focus on delivering maximum hydration to your skin, while deeply cleansing your pores. The foaming formula creates fluffy bubbles which provide a smooth washing sensation. The elements in soybeans help nurture and moisturise the skin. Giving the skin elasticity, which leads to plump and fine complexion. No fragrance, no artificial colorant, no mineral oil.

    • Features moisturising ingredients
    • Honpo soy fermentation
    • Creates fluffy bubbles
    • No fragrance, no artificial colorant, no mineral oil
    • Suitable for all skin type


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    15. Orbis u Wash



      The ORBIS U Wash features a blend of natural extracts including peach leaf extract and cornflower extract, which remarkably increases the circulation of moisture in skin cells throughout all skin layers, improving the skin’s plumpness, radiance, and youthful appearance. In addition, it also features Moroccan Lava Clay, which is a cleansing ingredient that absorbs dirt and dead skin cells. It is oil-free, fragrance-free, non-colouring, alcohol free and allergy tested.

      • Features natural extracts
      • Increases the circulation of moisture
      • Includes Moroccan Lava Clay
      • Easily absorbs dirt
      • Suitable for all skin types


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      16. Muji Mild Scrub Face Soap




      Muji Mild Scrub Face Soap is formulated with a clear exfoliating component to remove dirt and old keratin. In addition, it contains peach kernel scrub as an exfoliating component to thoroughly remove dirt from pores and dead skin as well as witch-hazel extract as a firming component. It is a gentle formula that is fragrance free, coloration free, mineral oil free and alcohol free.

      • Formulated with exfoliating component
      • Removes dirt and old keratin
      • Contains peach kernel scrub
      • Gentle formula
      • Suitable for normal skin





      17. Kanebo Scrubbing Mud Wash




      This sleek bottle of Kanebo Scrubbing Mud Wash is effective at deep cleaning your skin. It contains Moroccan Lava Rock Clay (cleaning ingredient) that effectively absorbs excess sebum and dead skin cells. The clay lathers in three-stage which is a texture-changing paste that adheres to the skin for a smoother and brighter complexion. The paste adheres tightly to the skin, when you add water, it immediately generates thick foams and releases impurities at once. This polishing mud face wash leaves skin looking clear and polished.

      • Contains Moroccan Lava Rock Clay
      • Absorbs excess sebum and dead skin cells
      • Lathers in three stages
      • Suitable for oily skin 





      18. Lunasol Smoothing Gel Wash



        Lunasol Smoothing Gel Wash won Best Cosmetic Cleansing Face Wash in 2019. It features "Polishing Cleansing Formula” which allows the product to effectively break down dirt and stains while protecting moisture from the skin. This gel facial wash proactively removes sources of dullness, such as dirt from the pores and old keratin. The refreshing gel smoothly applies to the skin to retain the skin’s natural moisture and to cleanse away hard to remove dirt and keratin that is clogging your pores. Leaving your skin clear and smooth.

        • 2019 Best Cosmetic Cleansing Face Wash
        • Gel formula
        • Removes sources of dullness
        • Provides moisture
        • Suitable for dry skin


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        19. Biore Marshmallow Whip Face Wash Moisture




          Biore Marshmallow Whip Face Wash is a self-foaming face wash containing 21% less cleansing agents to better preserve healthy barrier function yet leaves the skin clean without stripping away the natural moisture! It creates whipped marshmallow-like foam that softly lathers onto your skin and easily washed off dirt and impurities! The face wash has a newly improved technology that includes Kao’s Skin Purifying Technology (SPT) which gently removes impurities from your skin without disturbing your natural skin environment.

          • Preserves healthy skin barrier
          • Does not strip away natural moisture
          • Foaming cleanser
          • Easily washes off dirt
          • Suitable for all skin types


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          20. Kikumasamune Japanese Sake Face Wash Moist




            This cleanser contains Japanese sake which is an ingredient that is pleasing to your skin. This powerful ingredient helps brighten and heal the skin from a deeper level. It effectively cleanses the skin thoroughly yet leaves plenty of moisture behind. By creating dense foam that works into the pores to remove dead skin cells and other impurities, and then lifts them to the surface. In addition, it also contains fermented rice extract, amino acids, placenta extract, and arbutin to cleanse, brighten and protect the skin's moisture.

            • Contains Japanese sake
            • Provides plenty of moisture
            • Removes dead skin cells
            • Suitable for all skin types





            21. Biore Skincare Face Wash Medicated Acne Care




              Biore Acne Care face wash is specifically formulated to stop skin from breaking out and helps heal existing acne concerns. This medicated acne care face wash is suitable for those that are looking for a foaming cleanser that leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh yet gentle and non-stripping. This product promises to prevent acne by reducing skin irritation, which is the usual cause of acne. The fluffy foam easily glides on the skin and lifts out any dirt and impurities that are clogging your pores. Leaving your skin squeaky clean without stripping away the natural oil. It is a basic and gentle formula that can be used on all skin, an excellent choice for an everyday face wash to prevent the formation of acne.

              • For acne care
              • Foaming cleanser
              • Gentle and non-stripping
              • Suitable for acne-prone skin


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